Customer Service: Making or Breaking Your Company

Customer service has become one of the keys to the success for many companies. Once you make the buyer feel like royalty, you can see a significant increase in your sales.

Providing good customer service can increase your annual sales by 25%.

According to John Tschohl, president of Service Quality Institute and internationally-known guru and strategist on customer culture, giving a unique experience to the consumer will make the company, retailer or restaurant, ensure that the customer returns. And returning customers are not just another win; company revenues could increase by 25 percent per year or more annually.

Customer service: an art as well as a culture

Tscholhl ensures that customer service is both an art as well as a culture. According to the customer care expert, it is one of the most important factors in determining whether a business will succeed or fail. Service is a process that is not easy to learn from one day to the next. It requires willingness and ability, and should be demonstrated by everyone in the company — from the general manager to the cleaning staff.

Some people may think that customer service is not one of the most important factors that a company needs to master in order to succeed. They need to remember the following: if service is good, the customer will return in the future and recommend the company to others. On the other hand, if customer care is poor, the consumer will complain and discredit the company.

If service is good, the customer will return.

A quick answer, a solution to the problem or a suggestion are valued by the customer when he or she returns to the store. Honesty and trust are also qualities that companies must instill in their employees and that will be valuable to the consumer.

The company may have to invest in more training for its staff, but the benefits of a culture based on customer service are greater than the investment.