Digital Promotions, 3 ways to use them to attract more customers

It is more important than ever for companies to dive into the digital age and use the power of digital promotions to increase their sales and market share. Despite this, many companies operating in the grocery industry are still falling behind and missing opportunities to connect with their loyal customers.

A recent study from Aptaris and Dunnhumby showed that the most successful stores cleverly use digital communications to attract more grocery shopping customers.

“Advertising and promotion is a vital part of doing business in the retail food industry. As new players enter the market, increasing competition and shifting consumer behavior requires more of retailer’s marketing efforts, leaving little room for error,” according to the study.

The report examined the best retail marketing and advertising practices of 70 food retailers (both big and small) representing more than 4,600 stores across 34 states.

These are the most important takeaways for grocery industry members looking to get a piece of the digital sales and digital promotions pie:

1. Start Using Online Circulars Now

Digital circulars are not just a way to tailor your digital promotions and deals to your most loyal customers but also a great way of reducing paper waste in the short and long term.

It pays to know your customers well, and digital circulars can help your business get the deals that matter to them no matter where they are, thanks to the increased usage of smartphones and tablets.

Since more and more shoppers are grocery shopping digitally, a well-crafted circular is an effective tool to get your customers on your site and see what works (or doesn’t) in terms of attracting them to certain goods.

2. Coupons are the Way to Go in Digital Promotions

According to a study by RetailMeNot, 96% of all consumers use coupons.

The number of American shoppers who utilize mobile coupons is increasing yearly. Many consumers redeem them through digital channels, such as when purchasing through a grocer’s or supermarket’s website.

Mix targeted coupons with targeted customer loyalty programs, and you have an instant recipe for success.

3. Beef Up your Social Media Presence

Although three-fourths of customers are not actively connected with their favorite grocery chains through social media (according to a report from the Retail Feedback Group), a little work now can go a long way later since usage trends will change as they age.

Almost 1 out of 4 consumers between the ages of 18-32 prefer to learn about sales and digital promotions through their favorite social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s a practical and inexpensive way to connect with your shoppers, get their feedback, inform them of sales, and show them where products are located in your stores.