Vidal Candies: The Ultimate Gummy Candy Maker In The World?

If gummies are your thing, Vidal Candy is your ultimate source for finding unimaginably delicious, squishy and delightful gummies.

Gummy candies appeal to a wide age range and are a popular alternative to traditional candies such as chocolate, which is why you should consider selling them in your store.

Vidal candy offers a delicious and innovative portfolio of unusual gummies that will certainly satisfy all your customer’s fruity, chewy, sugary cravings.

Who is Vidal Candies?

Vidal Candies (o Vidal Golosinas S.A) is a Spanish manufacturer and marketer of confectionery, specializing in the production of liquorice and gummy candies. The company was founded in 1963 and is based in Molina De Segura, Spain and after more than 50 years, produces 50 million units a day in more than 60 countries around the world.

Every year, Vidal launches to the market innovations that reinforce it as a world leader in the industry.

Vidal Candies Quality

Vidal is always at the forefront of the quality and safety of its products. All its products meet the highest health and safety guarantees. The company has the most prestigious quality certificates that highlight the daily commitment of the entire organization and its efforts to achieve the highest quality standards.

  • AENOR Certificate System for Quality Management according to ISO 9001
  • British Certifications Retailers Consortium (BRC)
  • International Food Standard (IFS)
  • Kosher certification for many of its products
  • Certificate of Halal compliance.

Vidal Candies Product List

From unicorn gummy options to gummies made resembling body parts, here is a list of their most beloved and best products:


Every 3.5-ounce bag of Vidal gummies contains a delicious flavor for any craving.

vidal gummi spicy mangoes
Gummi Spicy Mangoes

Count Goods

Count goods from Vidal are perfectly packed and ready to sell

vidal ocean gummi
Vidal Ocean Gummi
Long Rainbow Belts Individually Wrapped
Long Rainbow Belts Individually Wrapped

Gusset Bags

Fantastic tasting gummies packed in a re-sealable gusset bag

vidal gummi jelly fruits
Gummi Jelly Fruits

Sports Bubble Gum

These sports theme chewing gums enhances your athletic performance. Not really but your customers will love them.

Vidal Basketballs 4-PK Tubes
Vidal Basketballs
vidal smash tennis balls
Vidal Smash Tennis Balls

Everyday Bulk Items

Find an array of bulk candy assortments from Vidal 

Vidal Strawberry Bricks
Vidal Strawberry Bricks


Gummy products for the biggest holidays of the year. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and more.


They offer product displays to promote impulse buys in any store.

Vidal Candies Portfolio

Check out the complete list of products by category here.


If you want to sell or distribute Vidal Candy products in your store, contact us:

Contact: Mitchell J. Bernstein
 +1 (609) 781-8169
Email: [email protected]
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