Pocas International: Try their New Aloe Fruit Cubes

The new Aloe cubes from Pocas International are packaged in a modern vacuum-sealed bag. They come in original, strawberry and mango flavors .
They do not contain cholesterol, fat, GMO and are gluten-free. These pieces of Aloe Vera are perfect to enjoy as a fruit dessert, in juices, shakes, salads and more.

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Our Story

Pocas International Corporation/ DBA OKF America was founded by Kevin Shin in 2005. It was created as a food and beverage manufacturing/importing company based in New York in order to provide high quality products to distributors and wholesalers. Pocas is achieving success by identifying and partnering with national distributors and wholesalers. Pocas prides itself on honesty and integrity to build long-term relationships with clients and distribution partners. Pocas is operated by well- trained employees in administration, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, logistics, and research & development.