The New Line of Churros from Tres Estrellas is Finally here!

Tres Estrellas is concerned about the quality and economy of their consumers, so we process the best wheat, offering affordable products to consumers. With our flours we seek to meet the needs of all our customers with more practical products like flour for pancakes, flour for Churros and flour for fritters.

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New line of cookies made with the tradition that distinguishes us: flour three star®. The flavor of these cookies has been selected with the highest quality ingredients, without leaving aside the development of packages that provide product protection and improving designs with colors that call the view.


To produce and market food, with total quality and innovation, constantly meeting the needs of our consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. Looking to generate added value for the benefit of everyone and the society in general, in a framework of a sustainable development, trade fair, complying with the laws in place and with universal ethical principles.