Corona Refresca Calories, Carbs, Nutrition, Sugars, & More

Do you enjoy sipping on a good tropical drink while basking in the sunlight? Lucky for you Corona has launched its first flavored tropical malt beverage product. The new line of drinks is called Corona Refresca.

This trio of lime malt beverages doesn’t just look tasty but its more nutritious than similar beverages as well. Or, is it?

This post covers Corona Refresca calories, carbohydrates, nutrition facts, and all things corona Refresca nutrition info. Let’s dive right in..

What is Corona Refresca?

Packed with flavor but not too sweet, this new drink reminds us of sparkling water with a dash of alcohol.

The low Corona Refresca calorie count and Corona Refresca Nutrition facts value are also a major plus. With 4.5% alcohol by volume, it could be a slightly healthier way to enjoy an adult beverage.

Corona hopes to capture new flavor-seeking consumers looking for an alternative malt beverage experience and premium spiked refreshers.

Flavors & Prices

Corona Refresca is a flavored malt beverage available in three varieties: 

  • Passionfruit Lime, available in six-packs ($9.99)
  • Guava Lime, available in six-packs ($9.99)
  • Coconut Lime, available in a 12-pack mixer that includes all three varieties ($16.99)

Corona Refresca Calories

At less than 199 calories per canned drink, each tropical drink delivers a crisp finish that tastes best on a hot day. 

But exactly, how many calories in Corona Refresca? The calorie count varies depending on the flavor you drink. See the table below for the exact values.

Product NameCalories
Passionfruit Lime178
Guava Lime185
Coconut Lime191

Corona Refresca Carbs

Corona Refresca drinks weigh in at less than 26g of carbs per can. This is perfect for a slight energy boost on a scorching beach day.

View the table below to know the exact Corona Refresca carbs per flavor.

Product NameCarbohydrates
Passionfruit Lime22.8g
Guava Lime24.5g
Coconut Lime25.7g

Flavor Taste Test

These two guys tried all of them to let you know how they taste. Which one do you wanna try first?

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What Is It Made Of?

Made using malt grains and brewed with minimal fermentation that will bring a crisp finish to make you enjoy the summers even more. They are infused with natural fruit flavors.

These flavored drinks are good companions to seafood, citrus or barbecue dishes. You can enjoy these malt beverages at your backyard barbeques, pool parties, or at the beach.

Other Corona Nutrition Info & facts

Corona Refresca brings the flavor and the feeling of the tropics with a premium, alcohol-spiked refresher.

If you are a conscious consumer, we are sure you’ll want to know all the Corona Refresca nutrition info possible. We provide you with a couple more Corana Refresca nutrition facts.

Product NameFatProtein
Passionfruit Lime0g0.1g
Guava Lime0g0.2g
Coconut Lime0g0.1g

Corona Refresca calories and carbs are aspects you shouldn’t worry about too much. Compared to other similar beverages they fall below average.

You can sip this vibrant beverage without feeling guilty.

Where To Buy Them?

Corona Refresca is launched nationwide in May of 2019. You should get them in your nearest grocery store or supermarket.

Why Buy Spiked Sparkling Drinks?

Aside from the growing trend and popularity, the fact is that spiked sparkling drinks such as Corona Refresca are (compared with most other boozy options) lower in calories and sugar. Some brands even offer gluten-free versions and they are cheaper.