New Fruit Pearls Brand Gains National Distribution Across Major Grocers

CitraPac introduces Nature’s Premium Fruit Pearls, a new, healthy snack that is delivering innovation and attracting shopper attention to the frozen fruit sections of major retailers.

Cryogenically Frozen Fruit Pearls combine a luscious mix of real fruit or fruit and creamy yogurt. The all-natural treat is USDA Smart Snack approved, offering a healthy alternative to a traditional fruit serving, said CitraPac in a press release.

Fruit Pearls provide a delicious snacking option that is suitable for nearly every diet preference or lifestyle. The new snack product makes it easy for consumers to have healthy, grab-and-go fruit servings on hand.

With an extended shelf life versus fresh, the frozen brand also helps consumers reduce overall food waste and allows shoppers to enjoy the full value of products versus needing to consume within a limited time period or facing expiration.

The Fruit Pearls brand is expanding exponentially at retail, going national with Walmart, Publix, and Meijer in August. Additionally, over 20,000 retail and online stores will have access to Fruit Pearls distribution through KeHE, including other chain grocery retailers and independent grocers. The brand’s supply chain will also be supported through DOT distribution centers across the US.

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Fruit Pearls are offered in five low-fat, gluten-free varieties: three fruit and cream (yogurt), and for dairy-free consumers, there are two fruit-only options. They include Orange & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon & Cream, Wildberry, and Strawberry & Banana. Each variety is available in 9.2 oz boxes that contain four 2.3 oz cups. Fruit Pearls also plan to launch 12 ct. club packs and single-serve cups in Q2 2024.

CitraPac, Inc., the makers of Fruit Pearls, uses their patented and proprietary, next-generation cryogenic citrus technology to produce the unique and innovative Fruit Pearls and bring the game-changing, frozen fruit category disrupter to market.

By improving on former cryotechnology, CitraPac makes it easier to meet the necessary conditions for retail and distribution. Many flash-frozen products require -40°F freezer temperatures to maintain product shape and consistency. However, CitraPac’s cryogenic citrus technology requires less energy, making commercial and home use possible with standard freezers.

Fruit Pearls can be kept at -5°F, an ideal temperature, as the FDA recommends keeping freezers set to a temperature between 0 and -10°F.

“We are delighted that major retailers are responding so positively to our brand. CitraPac is fully committed and positioned to grow snacking in the frozen fruit category beyond traditional smoothies and bags of fruit with products that are healthy and good for taste buds of all ages,” said Hal Woodyard, SVP of Sales and Business Development for CitraPac.

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