Vallarta Supermarkets honored With the U.S. Department Of Energy hero Award

Vallarta Supermarkets, one of the largest Latino-owned supermarket chains, today received the Hometown Hero award at the 7th Annual Innovation Awards ceremony part of the U.S. Department of Energy Los Angeles’ Better.

Buildings Challenge. Steve Netherton, CIO and Vice President of Continuous
Improvement at Vallarta Supermarkets accepted the award on behalf of Vallarta

“We are proud to be recognized for adopting innovative practices that allow us to reduce
our energy consumption and utility expenses across locations,” said Steve Netherton,
CIO and VP of Continuous Improvement at Vallarta Supermarkets. “Vallarta not only
provides fresh, quality food products to all of our communities. We’re also an industry
leader in reducing our energy and water use.”

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In 2020, Vallarta’s energy and water efficiency and sustainability efforts have yielded a
21% reduction in water use and a 0.5% reduction in energy use, as well as a 33% drop
in waste going to landfills, representing some 4,800 tons.

The Innovation Awards, part of the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge, recognizes
LA’s Best Buildings for their leadership and contributions toward citywide sustainability efforts. The Hometown Hero is awarded to a local business that has made an outsized contribution to the sustainability movement.

Vallarta Supermarkets is a full-service independent grocery chain with 52 locations throughout California.