Tammy Rojas Has a Job That Goes Beyond the Numbers

Tammy Rojas is a Senior Buyer at Leevers Supermarkets who follows this piece of advice: Figure out what you love so that it doesn’t feel like work.

She has a cross-functional job where she enjoys partnering on projects with numerous departments, learning and developing as a team.

“You have to enjoy what you do so that it is rewarding and motivates you to keep striving,” she said to Abasto in an interview.

During COVID-19 the company she was working for at the time filed for bankruptcy. So after 14 years in the retail industry, she decided to strategically pivot from retail buying to the supermarket industry. Tammy Rojas found her new role with Leevers in Colorado early last year and is excited for the future.

Another source of inspiration? Working mothers in leadership roles.

“One of my previous leaders and mentors showed me that being accomplished in the workplace and at home is very hard but very possible,” Rojas said.

Leevers Supermarkets Philosophy

One of the most enjoyable things in her role would be that she has the autonomy to make sound business decisions every day.

“If you discover an opportunity, you are encouraged to pursue that prospect and see it through in efforts to make ongoing improvement,” Rojas said.

Also, they are receptive to their customers’ and take their feedback seriously. The store associates and customers are a great source for information when learning about new product opportunities.

Tammy Rojas said that expanding her scope of responsibility and working for an organization that is brave enough to try things that have never been done before is the most rewarding part of her job.

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Hispanic approach

One banner of Leevers Supermarkets is El Mercado de Colorado in Denver, Colorado. It’s a Hispanic grocery store, and its products cater to the specific community’s needs. Several Hispanic brands and companies supply directly to this banner ensuring an authentic shopping experience.

Leevers Supermarkets has also sponsored several community events. Tortillas for Tepeyac is a fundraiser luncheon to raise money for the Tepeyac Community Health Center. This year, they will be celebrating their 27th year of gathering community leaders to raise funds for ongoing operations at Clinica Tepeyac. Teleton is another non-profit organization Leevers supports by collecting donations throughout their stores to help Children’s Rehabilitation Institute Teleton USA. Leevers also sponsors and contributes food for Fiestas Patrias a Denver metro event that celebrates Mexican Independence Day.

About Leevers Supermarkets

Leevers Supermarkets is a 100% employee-owned business founded in North Dakota in 1938. The company is headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado with nearly 50 stores under three banners: Leevers Locavore, El Mercado de Colorado, and Save-A-Lot. Just last year they acquired 18 Save-A-Lot stores in the Saint Louis area (Missouri and Illinois).