Sysco Simply Offers New Healthy Food Solutions

Sysco Corporation launched Sysco Simply, a platform designed to enable customers to accommodate the growing consumer demand for varied dietary and lifestyle choices.

Based on customer insights, feedback and industry trends, the first focus area of Sysco Simply is plant-forward dining; including vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and plant-based protein products.

Plant-forward dining is a style of cooking and eating that emphasizes and celebrates, but is not limited to, plant-based foods—including fruits and vegetables (produce); whole grains; beans, other legumes (pulses), and soy foods; nuts and seeds; plant oils; and herbs and spices—and that reflects evidence-based principles of health and sustainability.

“Sysco understands our customers’ need to keep pace with changing consumer preferences and the growing demand and marketability of plant-based products that meet those needs,” said Brian Todd, senior vice president of merchandising. “Whether it’s a protein-alternative or better-for-you ingredients, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative, versatile and easy-to-use product solutions.”

The company strives to offer the widest range of dietary options for customers to choose from while meeting specific standards with regard to ingredient statements and nutritional labeling. So whether the purpose is to elevate a menu or stay on trend, Sysco makes the choice simple for customers.

“Sysco Simply delivers delicious food options, recipes and nutritional information that reflect preferences towards mindful lifestyles,” said Bill Goetz, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Building on our core values and 2025 Responsibility Goals, Sysco Simply further expands our portfolio of products with health and wellness benefits.”

Currently, there are 1000+ products in the Sysco Simply platform.

Recently, the company announced its 2025 Responsibility Goals, building on the company’s long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Sysco 2025 Goals: Diversity, Sustainability and Healthy Products

“As the global leader in foodservice distribution, it is our responsibility to operate in a manner that meets the needs of our customers today, while producing positive, lasting change,” said Tom Bené, Sysco’s president and chief executive officer.

Sysco’s 2025 Responsibility Goals are aligned to three focus areas: People, Products and Planet.

Report of First Quarter Fiscal 2019 Shows Mixed Results

Sysco Corp. reported a 17.2% jump in earnings for the first quarter helped by lower income taxes as well as higher sales from the US Foodservice segment. However, the results missed analysts’ expectations, reported

Wall Street had predicted Sysco would earn $0.92 per share (pro forma) on just under $15.4 billion in sales in the company’s first fiscal quarter. Instead, Sysco reported sales of just over $15.2 billion, and pro forma earnings of $0.91.

Results were impacted by increased transportation and warehouse costs with regard to the company’s supply chain. In fact, management expects these headwinds to persist.

Sysco’s overall financial results reflect improved year-over-year operating performance, driven by a variety of initiatives across each of its four strategic priorities. Due to some temporary headwinds, including decreased inflation across some categories and the impact of Hurricane Florence that hit the Southeast late in the quarter as well as some additional and more persistent operating expense pressures, the company had mixed business results across the business, said Sysco’s president, Tom Bené.

Sales may have missed estimates, but they did grow 4% year over year. Earnings may have missed estimates as well, but Sysco earned 17% more profit in Q1 2019 than it had in the year-ago quarter, according to analysts on economic issues.