Supermarkets Are in Full Swing for the Fourth of July Celebration

As Independence Day approaches, U.S. grocery retailers are stepping up to the plate to ensure customers have everything they need for their celebrations. According to a National Retail Federation survey, 87% of consumers plan to celebrate the Fourth of July in 2024 and spend an average of $90.42 on food items.

Therefore, grocery stores plan to meet the increased demand for traditional holiday fare.

Retailers are stocking up on popular items such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks, knowing that grilling is a staple activity for many families on the Fourth of July. Furthermore, fresh produce like corn on the cob, watermelon, and berries are prominently displayed to entice shoppers looking to create vibrant, festive meals.

Data tech company Numerator said that 83% of consumers plan to buy food for the Fourth of July. Brands and categories typically associated with picnics and cookouts are expected to see the biggest boosts in household penetration.

The majority of shoppers plan to buy from grocery or big-box stores. 63% of Independence Day shoppers plan to buy supplies from grocery stores such as Kroger and Publix, 54% expect to buy from big-box stores such as Walmart and Costco, and 26% expect to shop at liquor stores.

Findings from Numerator’s Fourth of July Consumer Survey

Fourth of July celebrators plan to spend the holiday with others. Top consumer celebration plans include:

  • Gathering with family and friends (58%).
  • Grilling or barbecuing (56%).
  • Attending a public celebration (31%)
  • Cooking or baking at home (26%)
  • Hosting others at their home (18%).

Holiday plans vary by generation and regionality.

  • Compared to all celebrators, Gen Z is three times as likely to say they will go out for drinks (19% vs. 6%) and twice as likely to go out to eat (13% vs. 5%) or order food for takeout or delivery (10% vs. 5%).
  • Midwestern consumers are likelier to attend public celebrations such as parades or fireworks (39% vs. 31%).
  • Western consumers are more likely to travel for the holiday (16% vs. 11%).

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Nearly all celebrators plan to shop for the Fourth of July, and food and alcohol top shopping lists.

  • 94% of consumers plan to make a purchase for the Fourth of July.
  • Food items are the most popular (83% plan to purchase).
  • Followed by alcoholic beverages (48%).
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (38%).
  • Decorations (23%).
  • Party supplies (21%).

Beer is the preferred alcoholic beverage for Independence Day.

  • Plan to buy beer (75%).
  • Spirits or spirit-based drinks (40%).
  • Wine (38%).
  • Hard seltzers or canned cocktails (35%).

Consumers in the Northeast are more likely to say they will purchase wine (51% vs. 38%) for the Fourth of July celebration, while consumers in the West are twice as likely to purchase champagne or sparkling wine (17% vs. 8%).