Strongbow Presents Its New 100 Cal Slim Cans Hard Ciders

Strongbow Hard Ciders, the #1 global cider brand, announces the January 2019 debut of 100 Cal Slim Cans, a 12-can variety pack with three 8.5 oz. easy-to-drink flavors containing just 100 calories each.

Strongbow 100 Cal Slim Cans are positioned at the intersection of cider, canned wine and hard seltzer to offer a crisp alternative that will appeal to the growing enthusiasm for wellbeing and light refreshment.

The variety pack contains Strongbow’s newest flavor, Dry Pear, a mildly sweet pear-apple cider with a light, dry finish, along with the highly-rated Rosé Apple and the recently relaunched fan favorite Original Dry.

The 100 Cal Slim Cans aim to source sales from millennial consumers who are drinking more canned wine and 70% of whom are cutting calories from their beverage choices but are still looking for a full-flavored experience unlike that of hard seltzers.

All Strongbow products contain no artificial flavors or colors.

“Our 100 Cal Slim Cans meet an emerging consumer need,” says Jessica Robinson, Vice President, Emerging Brands. “Canned wine is up (290% CAGR) and hard seltzers are booming (+199% YTD); so, with only 100 calories per can, our new 8.5 oz. size creates a better-for-you, full-flavored and fast-selling option,” Robinson continued.

“Strongbow Slim Cans are a ‘Top 20’ concept for us on purchase intent, liking, uniqueness and believability, and we’re including our new Dry Pear in the variety pack to meet the growing popularity of pear flavor products in the Grocery channel. We’re putting our focus here to source new business from the booming Canned Wine and Hard Seltzer segments,” Robinson added.

Taste-maker event sampling, influencer partnerships, social media, in-store media, sampling & POS, and high-value rebate offers (where legal) will drive trial and awareness of the 100 Cal Slim Can Variety Pack.

“Strongbow is the #1 import cider in the US,” says Robinson. “With 50% conversion to usage, shoppers who buy once, buy again. Exclusively available in this 100 Cal variety pack, we think Dry Pear is a great addition to the award-winning line up of flavors in the 100 Cal Slim Cans. It’s a one-two punch; a popular, refreshing new flavor in a package that’s on-trend.”

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