SpartanNash Strengthens its Global Supply Chain Safety

Food solutions company SpartanNash launched a food traceability program that advances efforts to create a safer, more transparent supply chain.

Hundreds of the company’s suppliers who harvest or handle products on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Traceability List are now required to exchange traceability data with SpartanNash and the thousands of retailers the company serves.

Spartan Nash selected the ReposiTrak Traceability Network® for its ease of use, transparency, ability to enable faster and more precise recalls, and insights that will help reduce food waste.

The company and its suppliers are now part of the world’s largest compliance and risk management network, spanning over 110,000 facility connections in more than 100 countries.

“From a food safety perspective, there is tremendous value in knowing exactly where each product and ingredient has been before it reaches our shelves and consumers,” said SpartanNash Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety Greg Molloy, who is also responsible for the company’s food safety and quality compliance.

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“This technology enables us to collect and, more importantly, exchange this information for every affected shipment in a highly efficient manner. SpartanNash is proud to make investments such as these as part of our broader environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts,” said Molloy.

The SpartanNash global supply chain network serves wholesale customers, including independent and chain grocers, national retail brands, e-commerce platforms, and U.S. military commissaries and exchanges.

The company distributes products for every aisle in the grocery store, from fresh produce to household goods to its OwnBrands, which include the Our Family® portfolio of products.

SpartanNash also supplies its own pharmacies, fuel centers, and 144 brick-and-mortar stores, primarily under Family Fare, Martin’s Super Markets, and D&W Fresh Market banners.

ReposiTrak, formerly Park City Group, provides retailers, suppliers, and wholesalers with a robust solution suite consisting of three product families: food traceability, compliance and risk management, and supply chain solutions.