Manzela Launches New Mixed Snacks

Manzela will be celebrating its 40th anniversary as a company in just two years. From day one, they continue with an enormous desire to produce snacks and candies that please all consumers.

Two decades ago, the company ventured to grow outside of Mexico, giving way to the creation of Manzela USA to have total control of all logistics and operations in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Europe. Currently, the company’s plants process nearly 30 tons of products daily.

Manzela snacks, made mainly from peanuts, are found in stores in all states of the United States, with emphasis on the regions with the most significant Hispanic presence.

Looking to the future and very attentive to the demands of consumers who are always looking for new flavors and styles of snacks, the company is working to satisfy a demanding clientele with new flavors and packaging innovation.

Following the trend of better-for-you snacks, Manzela uses healthier ingredients and raw materials and is developing a line of snacks to conquer the high-energy category made with natural sugar substitutes.

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They are also manufacturing smaller and more convenient boxes, which makes them easier to handle in the warehouses of their wholesale distributors.

To conquer the new generations of consumers, Manzela is exploring new flavors, such as those presented last year in the new Kan Kan line, with more eye-catching and innovative packaging, without leaving aside the classic snacks manufactured since the company’s beginning.

In addition, they have implemented new manufacturing processes to achieve a longer shelf life for all their products, which has always been a demand from distributors.

Manzela’s presence at trade fairs held in the United States, such as the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, has made the company known in the Anglo market with its Japanese-style peanuts, an unknown snack concept for this sector of consumers.

Now Manzela is preparing to launch a new assorted snack with hints of salt, lemon, chili, and garlic in a one-pound package, ideal for sharing at parties and gatherings, as well as a mixed bar with salty and sweet ingredients, which in taste tests with customers has received excellent comments.

As part of its growth and innovation, Manzela created an alliance with La Botanera, a well-known brand of sauces in the Hispanic market, to add a spicy touch to its peanuts. The two brands recently launched a package including 20 packets of Japanese peanuts and 20 sachets of La Botanera sauce for consumers to mix and match to their taste buds.

This is the first step in a series of collaborations that Manzela has planned, both in packaging collaboration and flavor combinations from the manufacturing process.

Manzela will unveil many surprises as the company approaches its 40th-anniversary celebration in 2025.