Manzela Inaugurates Its New Distribution Center in Texas

Manzela just take a major step in its quest to expand its presence in the United States with the opening of a distribution center in McAllen, Texas, where will have total control of all operations of receipt and shipment of merchandise to all its customers.

According to Andres deer General Manzela USA Manager, this is an important step since products, will be reviewed in this new Center will improve the packaging and packing and, of course, will improve times for loading and unloading of transport of clients, which will help to improve their logistics.

Similarly, he said that the company will seek to expand its product portfolio with the idea of offering customers a greater variety in its portfolio.

He explained that the company decided to open its distribution center in McAllen after arduous study of the growth of this area, which has been very important in recent years.

“This brings with it to provide a variety of options of carrier companies and also because the majority of our clients also collect at this point many other products and goods especially of fruit and vegetables originating from”
Mexico”, said deer.

The distribution center has more than 8,000 square feet of total area, ramp for trucks of all sizes, level floor for smaller trucks loading door. Also settled more than 800 linear feet of racks for storage platforms to 3 levels of height, office area and Conference room.

Thanks to all the facilities offered by this facility, deer explained that orders will be faster and more careful in all aspects, so they expect that rotation of clients products will increase significantly.

“In fact, since the Centre came into operation, an increase was reflected in sales of almost 25% compared to the same period in 2015”, said deer.

He also indicated that thanks to this new facility the company can work on the development of new products to increase your catalog.

“During this second half of the year were presented two new varieties, and we are working on the development of different forms of these to cover the majority of potential markets,” said businessman indicating hoping to also start the distribution of products from its sister Tamanzela company, such as the sweet tamarind, enchilados, pulps and candies of fruit with chile.manelx