La Tortillería Trade Show, a Great Family Reunion

The low temperatures and the torrential rain did not lower the spirits of hundreds of retailers, distributors and sellers of food and beverage products that gathered in the facilities of La Tortillería to participate in the Fall Trade Show in the midst of a family atmosphere.

Alejandro Ruiz, general manager of Guanajuato Supermarkets, drove seven hours accompanied by his team from Louisville, Kentucky, to be present at the trade show held on Thursday, November 8. After a long day of meetings, he completed several businesses and met new prospects to bring new products to his three supermarkets.

“I see the show bigger than other years and improving every year. The dinner last night (Wednesday) was very enjoyable and the show has been very busy. We have had a very good business response, many customers have come to see us, and we have closed some deals that we had pending, all very positive, “said Sonia Treviño, from Padilla Imports.

To be at the trade show, Gerardo Cárdenas traveled from Atlanta. The owner of the supermarket chain Talpa has seven grocery stores and the eighth will open its doors to the public in January 2019.

Cárdenas told Abasto Media that being present at this trade show in the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is not only important for the deals he can make, but for the commercial relationships that he can establish with other businesses.

“It is important to have relations from owner to owner to always have the doors open because as we are growing, we grow together,” said Cárdenas.

As every year, La Tortillería Trade Show counted with the presence of well-known food and beverage companies that cater to the Hispanic market in the United States, including Maseca, Topo Chico, Jarritos, Padilla Imports, Boing, FUD, Klass and Charras, among the numerous participants.

Omnichannel Within The Hispanic Retailers

The Salvadoran flavor was represented by the company Pan Sinaí, which is opening new markets thanks to the quality and variety of its bakery products.

“This is the fourth time that we participate in the trade show and every time new supermarkets are added to our client portfolio. I believe it is a great opportunity offered by La Tortillería so that each of the supermarkets interested in different products can come with confidence to do business and also to hear the buyers’ needs,”said Fredy Cerón, representative of marketing and activations of Pan Sinai, which has its distribution warehouse in Atlanta.

In the midst of a family atmosphere, Dan Calhoun, one of the owners of La Tortillería, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the trade show. “It has been a tremendous show, it has sold a lot and obviously the vendors are happy, despite the rain and the cold. It is always a pleasure to strengthen the friendship we have had here for many years and to meet new clients,”Calhoun said.

Photo gallery of La Tortillería Trade Show 2019