How Goya Foods Succeeds with Flavors that Win Over Consumers

With a portfolio of more than 2,600 Hispanic products on the market, Goya Foods is always looking for new and authentic foods to continue winning over consumers.

In addition to its vast portfolio of canned food products with the typical flavors of Latin American countries, Goya offers a wide variety of sweet and savory snacks. In this area, the company launched its new line of salty and sweet cookies in 2024, expanding the already large family of Goya products.

To learn more about the process followed by the largest Hispanic food company in the United States to launch a new product, Abasto interviewed Joe Perez, Senior Vice President of Goya Foods, who revealed details of the company’s strategy.

Abasto Magazine: When Goya Foods decides to launch a new product line, what steps does the company follow in this process?

Joe Perez: Check the market; discuss with sales and marketing personnel; identify trends; learn about the opportunity to satisfy a consumer need.

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RA: What factors does the company consider, and how does it identify the target market to fulfill the motto that if it’s Goya, it has to be good!

JP: We have more than 300 sales professionals in the field daily, providing data to office staff. Additionally, we subscribe to various services such as Circana and AC Nielsen to measure market potential. Naturally, the product must meet the parameters of taste, aroma, texture, and competitive pricing based on our excellent quality.

RA: Does Goya have a specific target to launch a certain number of new products each year, or what does it depend on to bring new foods and beverages to market?

JP: We don’t limit ourselves to a single number, but we analyze the market, and there are many markets based on geography and demographics to identify what consumers may need to include.

RA: Goya is preparing to launch its new line of cookies and crackers; what motivated the company to develop this new product line?

JP: We found a product of excellent quality that needed to be included and required by consumers.

RA: How many new types of cookies will Goya offer in the market?

JP: That is confidential information, which is going to be revealed gradually in the coming months. At the moment, we have 9 SKUs, with more to come.

RA: You could say that so many brands and types of cookies are on the market. How does Goya plan to conquer consumer preference?

JP: It is never easy, but we have the product, the sales force, and the name recognition. If it is Goya, it has to be good.