Food Trends Predictions for 2024

What are the food trends predictions in 2024? The food and beverage universe grows yearly and is always ready to discover new flavors and textures to satisfy consumers’ tastes and whims.

In the field of predictions about the trends that will dominate the market, reports from experts offer valuable information. Abasto compiled the analyses of Tastewise, Whole Foods Market, Specialty Food Association, and Datassential.

In 2024, people are more concerned about reading product labels and how much water is consumed to make them.

They are also looking for fewer and natural ingredients so that even more vegetarians will consume them.

Household cleaning and personal hygiene offers more environmentally friendly products and less polluting, such as dry shampoo or hair shampoo bars and laundry detergent sheets.

For Tastewise, a comprehensive generative AI platform for modern food and beverage brands, AI will profoundly affect food and beverage marketing in 2024.
Here are the hottest predictions from their report:

  • Consumers are looking for it all: health, pleasure, and savings – a surprising disruptor? The consumption of animal offal.
  • Late-night snacking is coming: consumers are looking for new ways to satisfy their late-night cravings.
  • The “Taylor Swift” effect: digital and pop culture redefines food communities.
  • Guajillo chile: the hottest of trends for 2024.
  • Consumer sophistication continues, and taboos stay out. Hormonal health and the menopause stoke social debates.
  • The cultural shift in weight management: medications like Ozempic join consumers’ weight loss journeys.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market’s Trends Council, composed of more than 50 members, including pickers, shoppers, and culinary experts, also announced their food trends predictions for 2024. It considered everything: plant-based products, caffeine, spiciness, and water consumption.

Here are some of the Council’s trends:

  • Vegetable protein is back, but in addition to beverages, it is in meats and fish. Mushrooms, nuts, and legumes are strong cards against burgers. Carrots, mushrooms, and other tubers create vegetable fish.
  • Cocoa now comes as an alternative sweetener or spread. Scientists in Costa Rica recovered the pulp, usually discarded, and have turned it into jam.
  • A gluten-free wheat. This buckwheat, or black buckwheat, contains protein, carbohydrates, and fiber and promises to be in milk, cookies, and granola presentations.
  • Spiciness continues to evolve. Every aisle has chiles and peppers: scorpion bell pepper, Guajillo, or Hungarian chile. There are them fresh, whole, powdered, salsa, etc. The heat extends to juices, kombuchas, sweets, sushi, and desserts.
  • Women’s health will continue to gain ground. More products will be designed specifically for each stage: period, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Some even focus on improving sleep; every symptom is specific to females.
  • Caffeine has competition as the preferred stimulant to take in the morning. Mushrooms are a “clean” wake-up ingredients.

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Specialty Food Association

The Specialty Food Association (SFA) also announced its food trends predictions for 2024. Specialty food is valued at $194 billion. This year, the SFA says, will be all about maximizing pleasure and minimizing stress. Simple ingredients with global flavor, but looking for comfort while enhancing mood.

  • Something to drink? Beverages will be the focus in 2024, whether carbonated or non-carbonated, alcoholic and sophisticated flavors. Even teas, coffees, and broths with ingredients to boost energy, clarity, or concentration are already in the spotlight.
  • Cell-derived meats and seafood. Here, the challenge is to make the taste and texture almost identical to animals. The advancement in technology may cause more brands to try this.
  • Peach. Just as Pantone has already announced that this will be the color of 2024, the same goes for flavor. Variations and interpretations are expected to appear, as in condiment.
  • Calabrian peppers. They will be seen in pasta sauce, hot sauce, sausages, appetizers, condiments, and honey.
  • Mushrooms. The health benefits of mushrooms will cause them to appear in every food and format, even beverages.

Artificial Intelligence now generates what the food trends predictions are, according to Datassential.

  • Flavors to watch: Violet/Floral, mustard seed, spicy Ranch dressing, shaved ice, Mexican beers, and sweetened condensed milk, among others.

Now, some of the flavors that will have their initial phase in the menu adoption cycle and are poised to grow between 2024 and the following years:

  • Amba (a dressing made with green mangoes).
  • Scamorza cheese.
  • Checca (a pasta sauce made with raw ingredients).
  • Shiso (a citrus-flavored, bitter herb).
  • Nepitella (a combination of mint, oregano, and other spices).