Food Trends Look at Consumers Health

Always at the beginning of the year, food trends are forecast. This is what experts, brands and even consumers talk about. And this year has not been the exception.

For my tranquility and that of many of us who are passionate about health, this year it is predicted that we will not only be more aware of what we eat, but with our health, the environment and how it relates to the kitchen.

Whole Foods, for example, mentions that the “eco-conscious packaging” and the increase of seafood snacks and high in Omega 3, will be the most popular among consumers.

They also point out that the quality of the “munchies” in general will improve. Which makes me think that if we are willing to invest a little more in the quality of what we eat, even at snack time, we can see good results at the end of the year in terms of health.

There is also talk of more traditional products, such as cheeses, or the quality of ham in a simple sandwich. In addition, Whole Foods mentioned that the flavors of the Pacific Rim, the consumption of Probiotics, which do so much good and the return of good fats will become fashionable.

Forbes Magazine, ensures a decline in sweets and says that consumers will be much more aware in terms of consumption, starting with drinks with high sugar content.

Another thing that will make our preferences for sweets go in decline, is the mandatory labeling on sugar that will be added to food.

The FDA has set January 1, 2020, for most food manufacturers to change to a new label that indicates the amount of natural sugar in a product and the amount that is added artificially.

As consumers learn to read these labels, they will begin to demand products with less sugar, which will help balance our palates and will consequently be reflected in our health.

Finally, Forbes points out that food and beverages with clear and honest labels will be the new norm. The lists of few ingredients and real foods, will abound in all categories.

This is great for all consumers. If the predictions are correct, we will surely see less pounds, more energy and better health.

Doreen Colondres is a celebrity chef. Author of the book The Kitchen Doesn’t Bite. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @DoreenColondres and visit , or buy her book on Amazon or iTunes.