Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria México 2021 Opens the Doors to the Country’s Economic Reactivation

In its 38th edition, Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria México 2021, considered the most important business forum in Latin America, resumes its in-person activities from today until October 20th at Expo Guadalajara.

At the trade show, 17,000 visitors will learn about the offerings that the retail, hotel, and restaurant sectors will showcase to contribute to Mexico’s economic reactivation, highlighted ANTAD president Vicente Yáñez at a press conference before the official inauguration of the event.

“Although this year our event is limited in capacity, we are convinced that it will be the meeting point for the retail trade, the supply chain and the food sector to exchange information and implement best practices, which will result in great businesses and, above all, in the strengthening of the sectors involved and opportunities for all,” said Yáñez.

This year, more than 500 national and international companies will be present at Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria, offering their products and services to professional buyers who wish to strengthen their companies and expand their business opportunities.

Companies from 13 Mexican states will participate, six of them with government support. Exhibitors from 15 countries will also be present on the business floor: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Spain, the United States, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Poland, Thailand, and Turkey. The European Union is the guest organization at Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria Mexico 2021.

During the press conference, Abasto asked the president of ANTAD about how the current crisis in the supply chain and inflation in the United States has impacted Mexican industry and its trade with the neighboring country. Additionally, Ignacio Tatto, Antad’s director of operations, provided details on the attendance of U.S. businesses and traders at the trade show.

Yáñez acknowledged that the self-service and department store sector had undergone changes, and Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria Mexico 2021 will address that transition to new activities driven by consumers with new needs and technologies that allow them to adapt, innovate and implement strategies that keep them in a competitive market.

The business forum will feature the Special Events Hall and the Gourmet Hall to learn about market trends and listen to expert speakers. In addition, it will feature the Keynote Panel: Business, Consumption and the Challenges of 2022 delivered by:

  • Juan Carlos Baker, CEO and Founding Partner of Ansley Consultants and Former Undersecretary of International Negotiations of the Ministry of Economy.
  • Dr. María del Carmen Bernal, Founding Partner of MAREA Consulting and Delegate of Mexico for the W20 at the G20.
  • Enrique de la Madrid, Director of the Center for the Future of Cities of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Former Legislator and Former Secretary of Tourism.
  • Dr. Carlos Ruíz, President of the Editorial Board of ITSMO Magazine, Professor Dean of Business Policy at IPADE.
  • Mauricio E. Candiani (moderator), President of Allenamenti Speakers, Former Legislator and business columnist for El Financiero.

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The Retail Talks Conference Program will feature 26 speakers who will address topics such as:

  • Rewriting Consumer Standards;
  • Reliability of in-store inventory;
  • E-commerce challenges in omnichannel;
  • Winning consumer preference for new growth paths;
  • Smart sales floors;
  • Consumer patterns that are here to stay, among others.

At Food Connections, experts will present gastronomic trends in food pairing, mixology, and organic beverage preparation.

The state of Mexico is the special guest in Expo Antad this year.

New Categories at Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria Mexico

To offer unique experiences that help reactivate the economy, Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria Mexico 2021 will have new categories on the show floor:

Wines. Mexican companies will conduct different types of tastings: by grape blend, region, appellation, vintage, among other characteristics; in this sense, buyers will be able to prepare a work plan according to the aspects of each company or label.

Uniforms, Whites, and other Textiles. Buyers from different hotel and restaurant chains will have the opportunity to negotiate directly with manufacturers and identify special fabrics for staff uniforms in specific areas of customer service, guests, and diners.

SENASICA and Mexico Calidad Suprema. The quality assurance of consumer products in the food industry is a consumer preference; retail chains and the HORECA sector pay special attention to obtaining foods that guarantee permanent quality through certifications.

In this section, buyers will perceive the flavor, aroma, and color of foods through the five senses.

During the three days of the event, ANTAD member chains will move their purchasing offices to the business floor to serve buyers who wish to place their products and services in the retail sector.