Diaz Foods Answers the Call to Donate Groceries

Responding to an overwhelming number of requests for food donations due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, specialty food distributor Diaz Foods has been busy in recent weeks delivering thousands of pounds of groceries to numerous organizations in the Atlanta area.

“Several organizations reached out to us for support and we are doing everything we can to help. We started our business here and have served this community for the last 40 years. Especially in this time of great need, our community and these organizations count on us – it is our responsibility to help them through these difficult times,” said Barbarella Diaz, VP Community Affairs at Diaz Foods.

Last week, Díaz Foods answered a call to help families in the Atlanta Public Schools. The Hispanic company donated more than 20,000 pounds of mixed groceries that were delivered to an APS center where they were sorted and then distributed to Latino families in need. Díaz Foods donated all dry groceries, as well as some dairy products.

Tortillas de Casa, a sister company to Diaz Foods, also donated a pallet of corn and flour tortillas, and Dairy Direct, a partner supplier, delivered several pallets of mixed dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and eggs.

In addition, a few weeks ago, Diaz Foods delivered more than 5,000 pounds of food to Agape and Sandy Springs Mission, which have after-school programs that serve Latino families.

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The Grady Hospital Foundation contacted them in March and wanted to find sources that could help feed the first responders. Díaz Foods donated more than 4,000 pounds of groceries to front-line healthcare workers. They are also providing storage space for non-essential supplies to Emory Hospital so they can make room for more urgent supplies at their facility.

“Caring for our most vulnerable communities is essential and this includes healthcare workers, hospitals and immigrant communities and we want to lend a hand where we can,” said Barbarella Diaz.

Diaz Foods’ commitment to serving the community and feeding those in need has always been part of the company’s culture and they plan to continue donating items as long as possible to meet these great needs, the food distributor said in a statement.

Diaz Foods is a private company founded in 1980. It is a leading distributor of specialty foods in 28 states with more than 6,000 customers. The company distributes a wide variety of dry, chilled, and frozen products from around the world and stores a wide selection of products from Latin America.

In addition to distributing high-quality specialty food products, Díaz Foods manufactures, markets, and distributes branded products under La Cena Fine Foods.