Celebrating National Candy Month, NCA Reveals Summer’s Most Popular Candy Types and Flavors

June is National Candy Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate getting back to the things we love than with chocolate and candy. Treats like chocolate, candy, gum, and mints are a fun part of the summer months and liven up many celebrations, and this year, in particular, their special role is more critical than ever before.

Consumers feel this intangible connection when enjoying chocolate, and the candy is as vibrant as ever, as the National Confectioners Association unveiled the top summer candy types and flavors.

“Whether you’re headed to the beach or the pool, out for a hike or just to your backyard, chocolate and candy can add some sweetness to the summer,” John Downs, NCA President & CEO, said. “With more retailers joining us in this fun and unique national awareness moment, we are bringing the National Candy Month celebration to more and more people nationwide.”

Top Three Summer Candy Flavors:

  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry

Top Three Summer Candy Types:

  • Chocolate
  • Gummies
  • Hard Candy

Most Americans believe that physical health and emotional well-being are connected, and NationalCandyMonth.com can be an excellent resource for consumers looking to strike a balance between managing their sugar intake and enjoying their favorite treats while having some fun this summer.

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Did you know that consumers are incorporating treats into their summer plans? Here is what the NCA survey found out:

  • Headed out camping? 94% of Americans will bring chocolate or candy with them.
  • Treats are popular for road trips as well: 93% of Americans say they’ll take along candy.
  • 89% of beachgoers enjoy some chocolate or candy seaside.

The NCA recently released its annual State of Treating Report for 2021, which states that the confectionery category shows resilience during the pandemic, with $36.7 billion in sales.

Due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, shopping trends changed. As a result, many consumers decided to turn to confectionery to make the confinement and stress caused by COVID-19 more bearable.

“Amidst the uncertainty this year, the confectionery category has remained resilient –which is a true testament to how chocolate and candy remain an important aspect of our collective emotional well-being,” John Downs, president & CEO of NCA, said.

“Whether it’s a quick escape for parents from the chaos of balancing work from home with virtual school, a celebration of a milestone moment, or simply sending a treat to a friend from afar, chocolate and candy have helped Americans stay connected even when we couldn’t be together,” Downs added.

  • Sales of chocolate grew 4.2 percent, and non-chocolate grew by 2.9 percent.
  • 77 percent of consumers feel that good emotional well-being leads to better physical health and makes it possible to enjoy life and be happier.
  • 61 percent of shoppers changed up their confectionery purchasing patterns during the pandemic.
  • 41 percent of people bought more value packs with individually wrapped treats.
  • Households purchasing chocolate and candy online at least twice in 2020 increased 76 percent, and the annual online dollars per buyer increased by 14.3 percent.