Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with “Viva Mexico” Special Edition of pasta La Moderna USA

Cinco de Mayo is one of the holidays celebrated widely in the United States, not only by Latinos but by the entire population in general. Traditionally, Mexican dishes and beverages are a fundamental part of the celebration, which led La Moderna USA to launch its “Viva Mexico” campaign, a special edition of some of its most popular pasta.

La Moderna USA wants Hispanic consumers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the dishes they know and relate to Mexico, such as Fideo Seco, Sopa de Fideo, or Sombrero Soup and Spaghetti.

The three-star products of La Moderna USA with “Viva Mexico” Special Edition, Fideo, Spaghetti, and the new pasta figure, the sombrero, which was launched this year, are being distributed in chain stores, predominantly Hispanic but can also be found in some retailers focused on other types of consumers.

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Throughout its history, the Mexican pasta factory has been concerned about enhancing Mexican identity and relies on two sales pillars: quality and nostalgia. Thus, many Mexicans, like almost the entire La Moderna USA family, grew up with recipes prepared by their mother or grandmother, and all those memories are present when they enjoy pasta La Moderna USA. This gives them a powerful bond with the Hispanic/Mexican consumer.

Retailers who want to join the Cinco de Mayo celebration by offering any of La Moderna USA’s “Viva Mexico” Special Edition products, Fideo, Spaghetti, or sombrero pasta, can contact [email protected] or their nearest Hispanic distributor directly.