Carecard: Find Out How to Get Up to 85% Discount on Your Prescriptions

For the past seven years, David Hannon was in the lucrative technology business, creating digital experiences for major Fortune 500 companies. Then came the coronavirus pandemic, and Hannon found a new purpose in life. He decided to use his technology skills to create Carecard, a prescription discount card available to everyone.

Just as there are sites on the Web where people can compare prices for hotels or airline tickets among different companies and choose the cheapest option, Hannon created a system that works similarly but targeted the cost of prescriptions.

The system works with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

“Healthcare is a multifaceted, complex, and opaque industry. Unlike travel, where you can easily compare flight and hotel prices, no platform exists to allow you to compare the best prices on prescriptions in your area seamlessly. So we thought we could make the biggest, immediate impact by tackling the prescription market and filling that void,” said Hannon.

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“A lot of people don’t realize that the same prescription at one pharmacy can cost about $100 less than another,” the company’s founder and CEO said in an interview with Abasto Magazine.

Due to the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and benefits, paying out-of-pocket for all medical expenses and prescriptions.  

With Carecard people can get up to 85% discount on prescriptions, which is passed on to the consumer for free, with or without insurance, and the card is accepted at most major pharmacies in the US, including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Wegmans, Kroger and Publix among others.

Founded less than two years ago, the company has had its prescription discount card accepted at more than 35,000 pharmacies nationwide for price reductions on more than 10,000 medications.

To obtain the prescription discount card, people can go to the website which, according to Hannon, has grown exponentially over the past year.

Hannon added that he is now interested in expanding the service through physical channels, establishing partnerships with various companies and organizations such as Abasto to distribute the prescription discount card free of charge.

The tech entrepreneur said that supermarket owners could partner with this project to offer Carecard free to their employees and customers.

“We’re always looking for great organizations that we can help. That’s why we partner with a variety of member groups and health care providers. We are happy to work with any entity that may need access to affordable prescriptions,” Hannon explained.

Carecard is helping to create an efficient medication market by adding transparency and choice to what has been considered, until now, an opaque industry.