Cardenas Markets and GetUpside Partner to Offer Shoppers Cash-Back on Purchases

Cardenas Markets launched a new program to offer personalized, cash-back incentives to customers with the support of retail technology company GetUpside.

GetUpside platform connects customers with local businesses through their free mobile app and encourages them to transact using personalized cash-back offers.

“Cardenas Markets is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, most authentic products at the prices that make it possible for them to feed their families,” said Adam Salgado, Chief Marketing Officer for Cardenas Markets. “Our partnership with GetUpside allows us to further this commitment by allowing our loyal and valued customers to earn cash-back on their everyday grocery purchases from our stores,” Salgado added.

GetUpside is a retail technology company based in Washington, D.C. that uses personalized cash-back promotions to bring shoppers more value and proven profit to brick-and-mortar businesses.

“We are proud to partner with Cardenas Markets,” said Tyler Renaghan, Vice President of Grocery at GetUpside. “Cardenas Markets is a leading Hispanic Grocer and entrenched in the communities where they operate and working together empowers both their business and their customers with more value from every shopping trip.”

Retailers using GetUpside’s personalized offers see a 3-5% increase in profit, and customers come in 1.6x more frequently than non-GetUpside users. Shoppers also have 35% larger baskets on average, said the tech company.

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Cardenas Markets is headquartered in Ontario, CA, and operates 51 stores under the Cardenas banner and 8 stores under the Cardenas Ranch Market banner. The Hispanic grocery chain has stores in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

In addition to the partnership with Cardenas Markets, GetUpside said that two other regional grocery retailers had joined its platform. This raises the total number of GetUpside grocery locations to more than 175.

 GetUpside will now be available for shoppers at:

  • Cardenas Markets (Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Area, & Las Vegas)
  • Vicente Foods (Los Angeles)
  • Woodman’s Market (Chicago)

These retailers join Lunds & Byerlys, Gelson’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Carlie C’s IGA, and others already live on the GetUpside platform.

 “We pride ourselves on giving each customer exceptional value and savings opportunities, so they have the best shopping experience possible,” said Clint Woodman, President of Woodman’s Market. “By partnering with GetUpside, we are extending our commitment to savings opportunities while we reach new customers and motivate our current customers to come back more often.”

 Today, GetUpside is active at more than 30,000 grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores nationwide and works with the nation’s most trusted brands. 

“Cardenas Market, Woodman’s, and Vicente Foods are community staples,” said Tyler Renaghan, Vice President of Grocery at GetUpside. “In a time when people need more value and grocers need more margin than ever before, partnerships like these make all the difference.”