Abasto Media Gives Thanks to Jumex

Jumex is the most popular producer of juice and nectar in Mexico (and within the market of Hispanic consumers in the USA). During the 2016 Expo ANTAD y Alimentaria, Abasto Media presented a “Thank You” plaque to Jumex for their continual work in the Hispanic food & beverage industry.

Founded in 1961, Jumex prides itself in being a 100% Mexican company and boasts 10 brands of juices and nectars in different flavors, all targeting specific demographics.

Jumex brand history

Jumex started out with 20 employees, focusing on creating delicious juices and nectars from the best fruit available in the country. Just three years later, in 1964, the juice giant launched its first product under the brand Frugo: A 350 ml tin package that rapidly gained popularity as “la latita azul” (the little blue can).

In 1973 Grupo Jumex established BOTEMEX, its own manufacturing can facility and launched “Vigor”, a can of juice with red typography aimed at the children market. BOTEMEX gave the company the opportunity to innovate in the packaging design process.

In 1974 Jumex acquired the first evaporating machine in Mexico, marking a major technological breakthrough in the preservation of perishable products by producing juice concentrate that could be stored in containers. The company also contributed greatly in other packaging technologies… such as the process of electro sealing using copper.

Jumex is a brand of Vilore Hispanic Food Imports, Distribution & Marketing

Distribution of Blue Chip Hispanic CPG brands Vilore Foods is the market leader of blue chip Mexican food brands that encompass a wide spectrum of categories including Peppers, Beans, Hot Sauces, Moles, Olives, Menudo, Quince Paste, Gelatins, and Fruit Nectars across the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, their strategic alliances with Mead Johnson Nutrition and Procter & Gamble allow them to successfully reach consumers in the distribution of renowned Hispanic Milk Modifier and Home Care brands.

For more than 30 years, they’ve brought consumers the quality of the brands they trust and cherish. Our world class operations and supply chain systems enable Vilore Foods to have coast-to-coast coverage supported by comprehensive National Sales and Marketing programs that bridge Hispanic and General Market consumers alike.

Vilore Foods imports and distributes the following products:


Fruit Nectar (11.3 oz)

Fruit Nectar (33 oz)

Fruit Nectar (64 oz)

Fruit Nectar (3 Mini Brick-Pack)

Fruit Nectar (12-Can Fridge Pack)

Fruit Nectar (16 oz Lata-Botella)

Tetrawedge Pack (6.67 oz X 10 Units)

Coconut Juice (10.5 oz)