A Good #Hashtag as a Companion of Your Food

If you’re a lover of the “social kitchen” and upload everything you see and eat on Instagram, read this recipe closely. When you upload a photo, your photo has to have a caption with a #hashtag that will either inspire or impact someone. Experts suggest short texts, but that depends on whether you want to educate or not. In that case, your post deserves a few additional lines.

Next, you won’t survive without #hashtags these days. You can use a #hashtag as a joke every once in a while, such as #thisisaddictive, but the truth of the matter is that they’re designed as a search tool.

If you put a photo of homemade guamacole, you should use hashtags such as #guacamole #instafood #foodie #homemade #eatclean and #fresh, for example. The point is that other kitchen lovers, guacamole fans, professionals or companies will see your post, are inspired by it, will press the like button, comment and start to follow you.

However, the most used #hashtag won’t always give you results. Combine it with other less popular ones and more specific ones such as #avocado #appetizer #frommykitchen and #mexicanfood. Remember, use ones that are completely related to what you post.

With this #hashtag recipe, do a copy-paste of this list so that your next post will have more views and your followers will increase.

The most-used hashtags in food and kitchen

  • #yummy – 110 billion
  • #instagood – 731 billion
  • #foodie – 82 million
  • #eatclean – 49 million
  • #homemade – 47 million
  • #fresh – 45 million
  • #healthyfood – 40 million
  • #cleaneating – 36 million
  • #healthyeating – 22 million
  • #foodphotography – 19 million
  • #foodlover – 18 million
  • #foodies – 11 million
  • #feedfeed – 8 million
  • #cheflife – 7 million
  • #f52grams – 6 million
  • #buzzfeedfood – 3 million
  • #truecooks – 2 million
  • #foodielife – 1 million
  • #eatfresh – 1 million

Doreen Colondres is a celebrity chef. Author of the book The Kitchen Does not Bite. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @DoreenColondres and visit www.LaCocinaNoMuerde.com, www.TheKitchenDoesntBite.com