10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Watermelon

I love the celebration of official days for fruits and vegetables. It reminds us of all the good that they bring to us, just when they are in season. Therefore, buy watermelon, since Friday, August 3rd is #NationalWatermelonDay.

I share with you a few reasons to celebrate National Watermelon Day:

  1. Two cups of watermelon, have only 80 calories.
  2. It is free of cholesterol and fat.
  3. It refreshes even the hottest summer. 92% of it is water, so it will hydrate you.
  4. It contains B6, antioxidants, potassium and amino acids. It benefits us even more if we eat it either before or after exercising.
  5. It’s vitamin C content strengthens our immune system and protects us against germs.
  6. If you prefer watermelon in a juice, put it in the blender with a little water, ice and then decorate with mint.
  7. If you prefer it at breakfast, add cream cheese or Greek yogurt and some nuts.
  8. Watermelon is the perfect midday snack.
  9. It’s perfect in a salad and with different types of lettuce, vegetables and a little oil and balsamic vinegar or balsamic reduction, it will taste delicious. You can even put it in a quinoa salad or in cubes covered with very thinly sliced ham.
  10. Give it fun shapes with a cookie cutter, which can be a great summer activity in the kitchen with the kids. Or, you can make your own “watermelon pizza” by cutting the whole watermelon into slices, which serves as the “dough,” then decorate it with cream cheese or Greek yogurt and add “berries” and nuts.

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When you go to buy watermelon, choose the ones with a perfect shape, without cuts or marks and should have a weight comparable to its size. Turn it over and look for a large yellow mark that indicates it is mature. Wash it well and dry it before cutting it. It is not advisable to buy it cut. If a whole watermelon is too much for you, buy at least half.

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