Klass New Drinks: Ready to Drink, On the Go & Blends

After the accomplishment by Klass last year on becoming the first brand in the category of powdered drinks that are produced 100% with natural ingredients, this summer they mark a new milestone in the industry with the development of new products to continue surprising to consumers and conquer the heart of the American market.

The Mexican company specialized in fruit drink mixes is focusing its efforts on developing more and better products, taking into account that current consumers are increasingly demanding better ingredients and more convenient products for an active lifestyle.

Klass is a brand with more than 20 years of tradition in the U.S., and its main challenge is to reach new consumers; for this reason, its innovations are designed to develop more portable and convenient products that are suitable for the lifestyle of new generations.

The New Klass Drinks

This summer season Klass is launching three new products that add to its varied line of beverages.

Klass Ready to Drink, Klass On the Go and Klass Blends were created with the needs of today’s consumers in mind, who are increasingly demanding more and better products that are convenient, portable, and delicious.

“The main factor for us was to continue developing products with the best 100% natural ingredients, we know that our consumers expect this from our brand and we will continue to do so,” said Jorge Kovacs, national manager of the Klass Time company, in an interview with Abasto magazine.

Kovacs highlighted that they seek to develop a portfolio that is attractive not only to the Hispanic market but that Klass drinks have the possibility of crossover to the mainstream market.

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The Flavors

For the Klass Ready to Drink line of beverages, they developed a Horchata drink with the authentic Mexican flavor made with natural ingredients, natural sweeteners, and no preservatives.

To please the tastes of the consumers of the new generations they created a mixture of the traditional horchata with different flavors such as coffee creating the Horchata Café to give it a touch of energy and for the consumer who is looking for a more refreshing and summery flavor, they created the Horchata Coconut.

Klass Ready to Drink is the only traditional Mexican Horchata drink with 100% natural ingredients and three delicious flavors to satisfy the most demanding palates. In the form of powdered drinks in practical individual packages, they are launching the Klass On the Go line, which was designed with the same natural ingredients as the rest of the line and very convenient since they can be taken anywhere.

“We are very proud of this innovation, because we are managing to serve consumers who do not take sugar, since our On the Go line is 100% sugar-free, with natural flavors and only 5 calories per serving,” said Pamela Díaz, manager Marketing Marketing for Klass Time.

Additionally, in this line of powdered takeaways, they are mixing traditionally Hispanic flavors such as green lemon and Jamaica, with more mainstream flavors such as red fruits, mandarin, and watermelon to create delicious mixes that are enjoyed by Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers.

The Market

Klass has dominated the fruit drinks and powdered beverage market with its traditional flavors. Still, in its innovation campaign, it is also launching blends or blends, taking into account that the second and third generations of Hispanics in the US are always looking for new experiences regarding drinks and food.

According to Díaz, “the combined flavors or blends have gained great relevance among current consumers. For this reason, we have taken our best sellers, Horchata, Jamaica, and Limonada, and have created delicious blends to appeal to adventurous palates giving way to Horchata Strawberry, Lemon, Cucumber and Jamaica Peppermint.”

Klass Time’s goal is for its products to be present on all supermarket shelves in the U.S., and they are taking advantage of their current distribution chain to reach Hispanic stores and also nationally distributed supermarket chains.


The coronavirus pandemic has generated an unprecedented crisis worldwide, and Klass Time has also had to adapt to this new reality to continue operating without putting its employees at risk and producing a safe product for consumers.

In their production plant, they established the highest safety and hygiene measures, while the office staff worked from their homes for two months to prevent any risk of contagion and they equipped their sales force with gloves, disinfectants, and face masks as a measure. security in the performance of their fieldwork.

During the initial stage of the pandemic, Klass’s main challenge in maintaining the distribution chain of its products in the United States was managing inventories since, following the quarantine, the displacement of its products increased considerably.
But they quickly adapted and began to develop different distribution models as their distributors sometimes slowed down operations.

With these measures and the launch of the new product lines, Klass wants to ensure that families enjoy refreshing drinks with incomparable flavors and 100% natural this summer.

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