Gala Foods Supermarkets: Find Authentic Latin Products

Are you ready to explore the world of Gala Foods Supermarkets? Anf what makes this store so special?

Gala Foods can equally be called your “Home away from Home.” The store has grown with the community over the years, and it understands the needs of the community.

You can not help yourself but feels at home in any Gala Foods Supermarket. But why? Read on to learn everything about this supermarket that started as a humble bodega in Queens.

What is Gala Foods Supermarket?

From its humble beginnings as a bodega in Queens, New York, the Peña family started Gala Foods with a simple focus: to provide the best food shopping experience in the neighborhood.

Today, Gala Foods has a very diverse and international customer base, the Peña family sells the ingredients its customers knew and loved. 40 years later, the business has grown far beyond the Queens borough of New York with 24 supermarkets across 5 states.

What do they sell?

At Gala Foods Supermarkets, you will be surprised to find the traditional products you would only find in your home country. When you walk-in to a Gala Foods store, you immediately are connected to a wide array of ethnic and international ingredients.


Gala Foods offers a wide variety of Latin foods (from all about Latin America & Central America) and exclusive products you can only find at Gala Foods. Plus everything else you would expect from a traditional grocery store.

Grocery and gourmet food, meat (fresh and healthy), seafood, deli, bakery, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy, yogurt. Cheese, ice cream, and products for household and Health & Beauty.


When you grocery shop at Vallarta Supermarkets you are bound to find the following departments:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Seafood
  • Deli
  • Bakery
  • Grocery
  • Dairy
  • Frozen foods
  • Household
  • Health and Beauty
  • Baby Care

Why shop at Gala Foods Supermarket

Below are some of the reasons you should make Gala Foods Supermarkets your go-to grocery store:

  • If you are looking for traditional products made in your country
  • If you want to shop from a great selection of fresh food
  • If you a lover of organic, ethnic and international products and food
  • If you want to shop in a store that has a meat department that is well stocked and spotless
  • If you are looking for best fresh handmade pastries and meats
  • If you like fresh and local produce
  • If you like shopping by recipes
  • And more!

Gala Foods Supermarket Customer Service

Their core values and customer service helps them provide the best supermarket experience to the communities they serve. They offer quality products, great value, a welcoming environment, and outstanding service to ensure all their customers feel like family.

Other services

  • Catering services
  • Delivery services (free)
  • Online orders
  • Online customer services

Gala foods Supermarket weekly Ads

They offer weekly special discounts and specials. You find their weekly circular by going to their website.

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Gala Foods Supermarket Hours

Gala Foods is open Monday through Sunday.

Most stores will open at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM. The hours of operation may vary by location.

Gala Foods Supermarket Location

Gala Foods Supermarket has 24 supermarkets across five states, below is a list of some of their supermarket locations.

  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Bayshore NY 1819 Fifth Avenue)
  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Brentwood NY 725 Commack Road)
  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Bridgeport CT 1457 Fairfield Ave)
  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Freeport NY 120 North Main Street)
  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Brentwood NY 1925 Brentwood Road)
  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Bridgeport CT 1050 E. Main Street)
  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Freeport NY 120 North Main Street)
  • Gala Foods Supermarket (Worcester MA 664 Main Street)

For the full list, go to their website.

Gala Foods Supermarket near me

This is very simple; go to google and search “Gala Foods Supermarket near me.” Or you can check their website to see the list of their supermarket.

Learn more about Gala Supermarkets here.