Avelina: For the love of oats!

Avelina oats, a dream with Italian and Venezuelan roots!

Food Group International, located in South Florida, is a premium oatmeal processing, mixing, packaging plant, and business hub trade center. This is the place where Italian immigrant Eleuterio Libi began his dream more than 57 years ago when he arrived in Venezuela and started her business in food production and distribution.

The family dream grew with the opening of Inproceca, a Cereal Industry and Processing plant located in the state of Miranda in Venezuela where the production of the Avelina Oat brand began more than ten years ago.

Mauro Libi, son of the founder and current CEO of the group of companies, has led the efforts to develop the production and commercialization of the Avelina brand, in addition to the sale of oats for agribusiness and the service sector in more than 20 countries in the world.

Since its inception, all the raw material for the production of Avelina oats has been acquired after a process of direct negotiation with Chilean producers, in order to obtain oats of proven quality. Avelina is a certified quality oatmeal, with whole flakes that guarantee the consumer creamy preparations or the crunchy sensation of the fiber, in food with very high nutritional value.

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It is a NonGMO product, gluten-free and it is the only oatmeal brand in the U.S. and other latitudes market that does not include sugar in its preparations.

Avelina markets 5 lines of products:

  • Rolled Oats: Whole flake oats (Old Fashioned) and traditional or Quick Cooking.
  • Flavored Instant Line: 8 presentations of instant oatmeal, naturally flavored and sweetened with Stevia, in a convenient packaging presentation with 5 individual servings.
  • Select Line: 5 presentations of oats with natural ingredients and no added sugar.
  • Avelina Chewy Bar: 6 flavors of oat-based cereal bars with low sugar content.
  • Granola: Two presentations of this crunchy mixture of oats, honey, raisins, and almonds.

For more information about Avelina, visit the website www.avelina.com