Amerisa Global Logistics: A Trusted Logistics And Supply Chain Services Company

The goal of every food and beverage manufacturer is to be successful in selling its products and achieving brand recognition. But how can they achieve these objectives quickly and avoid mistakes and losses along the way? The answer is: having an efficient logistics process implemented in the company such as the ones offered by logistics service company Amerisa Global Logistics.

Many companies use intermediaries to move their products from the factory to their final destination in the stores, which tends to over complicate the logistical process, raising costs and exposing the merchandise to risks.

Amerisa Global Logistics is aware of the challenges faced by companies and, as an integral logistics operator with specialized staff, they have the capability to attend all the needs of their clients. Whether it is for transportation, storage, packaging, customs or distribution in the United States, they are a solid logistics company ready to support your business. Plus, they speak Spanish.

Since its inception, America Global Logistics has established a reputation for excellence and optimal service through advanced infrastructure, use of state-of-the-art technology, safety, punctuality, and customer satisfaction.

The trajectory and experience of Amerisa Global Logistics are reflected by its modern structure with 14 logistics locations strategically distributed across Mexico and the United States with Houston, Texas being the region where they established the main headquarters.

The company has warehouses with cold, frozen and room temperature areas and it has a dedicated space for food products. These space complied with all the certifications required by the authorities for the handling of edible goods. Amerisa Global Logistics is the expert in food logistics, whether perishable, frozen or packaged.

Using the most advanced and customizable specialized Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transporation Management system (TMS), Amerisa Global Logistics maintains precise inventory control and exact traceability of each product during storage and distribution.

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To reassure their clients that their products are safe until they reach their final destination, Amerisa uses a modern permanent surveillance system with guards, video camera systems, biometric technology for facility access and GPS tracking for trucks.

Furthermore, clients have access to real-time tracking of their products thanks to an online portal that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Amerisa Global Logistics also offers its resources to help clients with anything related to logistics. This is how they improve customer fidelity, retention, and profits. Having resources available to resolve any questions, doubts or issues helps the company and clients to avoid errors in the delivery of orders and therefore prevent the loss of product and maintain a continuous flow of supply in the stores, strengthening the business.

For more details on the complete logistics services offered by Amerisa Global Logistics, please call +1 713 963 4661 or email: [email protected]