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Mike Periu

Hispanic business leader with experience in the areas of finance, business development, marketing and business management. Mike's goal is to put within the reach of the Hispanic Community financial knowledge necessary to succeed in the United States. Using a clear, simple and direct communication style, Mike has helped thousands of Hispanic entrepreneurs better manage their money. He debuted in Abasto explaining to Hispanic Entrepreneurs why they must accept credit cards at your business.

5 Rules That Any Entrepreneur Must Follow

The successful entrepreneur is part of one of the most diverse groups imaginable. Some have several college degrees while others do not even finish primary school. Some are outgoing people who love to close a sale, while others are shy and would rather have a tooth pulled before selling something. …

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Detect Fraud in Your Business With These 5 Measures

detect fraud - detecte fraude

Fraud committed by employees against their employers has risen according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. To detect fraud in your business we need to learn the two kinds of fraud that are common among employees in retail environments. Corruption This occurs when an employee uses his position to …

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4 Tips for Using Hook Prices in Your Business

Common sense tells us that you make money selling something for more than it costs. However, like everything in life, there are exceptions. One of these exceptions is the use of ‘loss leaders.’ This term relates to the tactic of setting the price of the product very low – hook …

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Selling Latino Food in Your Stores: How to Begin

selling latino food-vender comida latina

Selling Latino food in your stores is a highly profitable business with a very positive projection. The demand for Latino food will grow at an impressive pace for several reasons. First, the number of Latino immigrants will continue to grow. Second, the children and grandchildren of immigrants seek to maintain …

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5 Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Stores

Cómo organizar un espacio pequeño

Space, design, sales: an important connection If getting new customers is a challenge, there are other measures which can boost sales. Selling more to existing customers is another way of achieving this goal. Follow these tips to maximize the space in your stores: 1. Use a standard design. If you …

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Competing Against the Large Chains

Compete with Big Businesses

Independent retailers do not have to hand their sales and customers over to the big chains. It is true that price-based competition is very difficult for the small business owner, who cannot negotiate the same discounts from suppliers who manage large enterprises. But there are compelling advantages of being a …

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Programs for Small Minority Businesses

Hispanic businesswoman

The goal of any business is to increase sales and get the highest possible return. A way to achieve this outcome is to attract large companies and federal and state government agencies as clients. These are the entities that have multi-million-dollar budgets. And they keep buying in high volumes despite …

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