How Deep Data Can Drive Higher Idaho Potato Sales

Article Provided By Idaho Potato Commission
Actionable data on the latest U.S. potato sales trends is now readily available to Hispanic retailers through the Idaho Potato Commission, which has invested heavily in delivering up-to-date category analysis specifically designed to boost spud purchases.

“We’ve teamed up with data provider Category Partners LLC to help us develop world-class data analysis in the fresh category,” said Ross Johnson, IPC vice president of retail and international.

He explained that IPC utilizes market insights to assist retailers in making decisions that help them see dramatic changes in their categories. For example, one retailer in the Southwest saw a 16 percent dollar sales gain over its competition after following recommendations from the performance assessment that IPC had compiled.

“If anyone had doubts about the power of data in boosting sales, the COVID pandemic years have shown us how important it is to stay on top of consumer purchasing patterns,” said Mark Daniels, IPC retail promotion director-Southeast/Central. “That’s why we bring the category to life through the data that we pull for our retailers—we review ad performance, what item is advertised, the space allocation to each item in the category, use of secondary displays, how each item ranks in sales, how the item advertised is perceived by the consumer.”

Quarterly Updates

Quarterly reports accessible on the IPC website (Retail – US Fresh Potato Category Quarterly Reports | Idaho Potato Commission) also enable retailers to monitor overall ongoing trends in potato sales easily.

Prepared using NielsenIQ data from roughly 90,000 stores nationwide, each U.S. fresh potato category quarterly report features data and analysis of current U.S. potato sales trends by variety, top-selling pack sizes, and regional sales information.

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The reports cover all performance for potatoes sold in produce departments for the United States and nine regions. The partnership with Category Partners allows IPC to break out varieties such as russet, red, yellow, white, convenience, and gourmet.

“The reports are another tool that retailers can use to make decisions for increasing potato category success,” said Patrick Mills, IPC retail promotion director-West/Canada. “Even with all the changes we’ve seen in the consumer marketplace during the past few years, it’s still important to look at the historic highs and lows in potato sales in order to plan ahead.”

Forecasting the Future

IPC’s work already has resulted in the most robust database ever compiled for the produce category, and the commission will continue to expand its valuable data analysis efforts, said Johnson, such as including deep-dive analyses on specific varieties within the fresh department in the U.S. fresh potato category quarterly reports.

“Our focus on delivering clear data has been an asset for our promotion directors to use in the field,” said Johnson. “The insights we have shared have helped retailers discover their opportunity gaps, adjust their merchandising tactics, and maximize their profits.”