Winning Brands with the Hispanic Consumer

A recent study of over 250 iconic brands identified the top ten brands for the Hispanic consumer. The analysis, conducted by cultural intelligence firm Collage Group, examined brand performance as part of the firm’s monthly CultureRate survey, which evaluates cultural resonance for each significant demographic segment.

According to Collage Group’s proprietary metric, the Brand-Cultural Fluency Quotient (B-CFQ), the top brands for Hispanic consumers are:

  • Walmart
  • Netflix
  • McDonald’s
  • Nike
  • YouTube
  • Ross
  • Google
  • Visa
  • Amazon
  • Dove

According to Collage Group, these brands demonstrate a solid commitment to the Hispanic community and excellence in marketing executions that authentically resonate with Hispanic consumers’ cultural traits and needs.

“We use the B-CFQ. By this standard, the 10 brands proved to be well ahead of all others in terms of appealing to America’s Hispanic segment,” said David Evans, director of Insights at Collage Group. “Additionally, three of the brands don’t appear in the top 10 for other segments, and this shows how each segment is distinct.”

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Brand Performance for Hispanic Consumer

The metric reflects brand performance on six dimensions:

Fit, relevance, recall (of positive past experiences), values, trust, and advocacy (which relates to spreading a positive message through word of mouth).

The top ten brands for Hispanic consumers excelled in fit and relevance. Fit measures whether the brand offers a personally desirable product, and relevance refers to whether the brand connects with the consumer.

In addition, each of the top ten brands scored particularly well on one or two dimensions of fit and relevance.

“Brands win by taking the lead in the areas of Fit and Relevance,” Xue Bai, director of advertising and brand health measurement, explains. “But the true winners go one step further by differentiating in one or more other areas.”

“Successful brands truly excel at creating positive past experiences for consumers, earning their deep trust, or driving positive word-of-mouth,” he added. “Each of the 10 brands named have taken these actions within the Hispanic community.”

After developing his backbone on Fit and Relevance, Bai suggests that brands focus on one or more additional dimensions to build a winning marketing strategy.

Developing relevance requires maintaining and activating warmth and rootedness, key traits among Hispanic consumers. Brands must also recognize and celebrate Hispanic patriotic pride and be mindful of connecting with the Hispanic sense of destiny and optimism.

Brand case studies show winners can align brand positioning with the cultural traits of Hispanic consumers. When brands take this approach, shoppers reward them by supporting or buying their products.

Engaging with Hispanic communities and groups at all levels shows a commitment to values and builds trust.