45 Best Authentic Mexican Restaurants In The U.S

Looking for the best Mexican restaurants in the U.S.?

There is no shortage of amazing Mexican restaurants around the country, from the famous taquerias and local Mexican restaurants that make Mexican foods accessible to the masses to high-end restaurants for a fine dining Mexican cuisine experience.

These restaurants serve Mexican food that’s delicious and the authentic Mexican flavor you would come to expect from a true Mexican eatery.

From the best Mexican restaurants in NYC all the way to San Antonio, Texas, visiting one of these restaurants feels like a truly memorable Mexican culinary experience.

Here is a list of 45 Mexican restaurants in U.S. that delivers top notch Mexican food.

1. Cosme

Cosme is a highly rated restaurant with a range of Mexican cuisine. On your first visit, make sure to try their quesadilla and chilaquiles.

New York City, New York

+1 212 913 9659

2. Avila’s Mexican Food

The chefs at Avila specialize in Mexican cuisines, hosting a variety of dishes. From appetizers to side dishes and desserts, there is a little something for all stages of your outing.

El Paso, Texas

(915) 584-3621

3. Barrio Cafe

The long-serving chefs at Barrio Cafe combine Mexican spices with the American taste to create something special for their clients.

Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 636-0240

4. Las Carnitas Uruapan

If you are craving some authentic carnitas, then there is no better place in The States than Las Carnitas Uruapan. The restaurant remains consistent in its quality and presentation.

Chicago, Illinois

+1312 226-2654

5. Tortilleria Nixtamal

Tortilleria Nixtamal specializes in the provision of grilled meat with a unique style of tortillas. They are low on variety, but the optimum food quality more than makes up for it.

Corona, New York

+1 718 699 2434

6. Broken Spanish

Broken Spanish is another restaurant that combines the flavor of LA with a traditional Mexican cooking style. Their hongos and lamb neck dishes are worthy of a try.

Los Angeles, California


7. El-Charo

One of the longest-serving restaurants in the U.S, El-Charo remains consistent in its variety of Mexican dishes. The place welcomes clients for all sorts of occasions.

Tucson, Arizona

(520) 622-1922

8. Nopalito

Nopalito presents Mexican cuisines in a different light to other restaurants in the U.S. The unique taste makes it one of the best eating places in town.

San Francisco, California


9. Elote Cafe

The Elote Cafe has separate menus for eating and drinking items, both of which offer Mexican dishes.

Sedona, Arizona


10. Cala Restaurant

Cala Restaurant offers its principles of Mexican cooking, which blend to perfection in all their menu items.

San Francisco, California

(415) 660-7701

11. Casa Enrique

The spices in Casa Enrique’s Mexican dishes go perfectly with their tequila. Their guacamole dish is like no other in the U.S.

Long Island City, New York


12. Mi Tocaya

The chefs at Mi Tocaya bring their personal experience of Mexican cuisines to the U.S. Their food quality is always at par with the best in the business.

Chicago, Illinois


13. Flores

Flores brings the traditions of Mexican cooking as they are to the U.S. Their best dish is the tortilla, which gives a feel of eating out in Mexico.

San Francisco, California


14. Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

The lively atmosphere and variety of tasty Mexican dishes gives Oyamel Cocina Mexicana a place among the best in the U.S.

Washington D.C.

(202) 628-1005

15. Galaxy Taco

When you are craving a taco with the right amount of filling and crispiness, then Galaxy Taco is the Mexican place to go.

La Jolla, California

(858) 228-5655

16. El Chingon

The El Chingon restaurant offers authentic Mexican food in a vegetarian-friendly environment. It combines the traditional style of Mexican cooking with modern spices.

Denver, Colorado


17. Mezcaleria Oaxaca Capitol Hill

Mezcaleria brings the original Oaxacan cuisine to the U.S. The restaurant menu contains a handful of top-quality Mexican foods.

Seattle, Washington

+1 206-324-0506

18. Zacatecas Mexican Restaurant

The Zacatecas Restaurant branch in CA is home to some of the best Mexican dishes in its vicinity.

Hawthorne, California

+1 310 679 5161

19. Hugo’s

Hugo’s is top-notch for its Mexican food, atmosphere, and serving staff. You will find no faults with the restaurant.

Houston, Texas


20. Nuestra Cocina

Nuestra Cocina brings you a host of authentic Mexican dishes, which qualifies it as one of the best in the U.S.

Portland, Oregon

(503) 232-2135

21. Mesa Grill

Mesa Grill holds some of the finest Mexican ingredients and drinks to bring the originality of the cooking style to the U.S.

Las Vegas, Nevada

(877) 346-4642

22. Empellon Al Pastor (East Village)

The fancy Empellon East Village branch has a casual environment, with well-made Mexican snacks for your appetite.

New York City, New York

+1 646-833-7039

23. Guelaguetza

Guelaguetza is the reincarnation of Oaxaca in the Koreatown region. A massive contributor to the culture is the variety of Mexican food on offer at the restaurant.

Los Angeles, California

(213) 427-0608

24. Mitierra Cafe

The Mitierra Cafe is the place for all types of Mexican food. It hosts a restaurant and a bakery to stretch its array of authentic Mexican dishes.

San Antonio, Texas


25. Distrito

Distrito is one of the best Mexican places in the U.S for its food items and culture promotion.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(215) 222-1657

26. Taqueria del Sol

The best of Taqueria del Sol is its casual environment, which helps you enjoy the variety of available Mexican food and drinks.

Atlanta, Georgia


27. Purepecha – Revolver Taco Lounge

Purepecha is one of the best places to hang out as a family and enjoy some tasty Mexican dishes.

Dallas, Texas

(214) 272-7163

28. Topolobampo

One of the favorites of the community: Topolobampo continues to impress in its flexibility of food taste and range of Mexican menu items.

Chicago, Illinois

(312) 661-1434

29. La Casita Mexicana

The originality of taste of the Mexican cuisine at La Casita Mexicana carries it on as one of the best in the U.S.

Bell, California

(323) 773 – 1898

30. Regio

Regio is the place for authentic Mexican meat with consistency in its taste. The local community rates it as one of the best around.

Dallas, Texas

+1 972-238-5556

31. Meso Maya

Meso Maya is a fancy place for a Mexican style meal. The restaurant stands out for its food taste and serving strength.

Dallas, Texas

+1 214-484-6555

32. Fonda San Miguel

Fonda San Miguel offers a unique eating experience and a blend of cooking cultures in its Mexican cuisine. The restaurant’s gradual improvement earns it a place among the best in the U.S.

Austin, Texas

(512) 459 4121

33. Coni’Seafood Restaurant

The Coni’Seafood Restaurant combines seafood with the spices and flavor of Mexico. You will not find a better eating place for seafood in the region.

Inglewood, California

(310) 672-2339

34. La Choza Restaurant

La Choza is a fast-food style Mexican restaurant with no shortage of variety. Combine that with the bar drinks, and you get one of the best places for Mexican food.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

(505) 982-0909

35. Oxomoco

Oxomoco is a neat and compact place that produces some delicious Mexican dishes. The food taste and presentation make it stand out as one of the best.

Brooklyn, New York


36. El Pelon Taqueria

El Pelon Taqueria provides authentic Mexican food at low prices, without compromising on taste. It is one of the favorites of the local community.

Boston, Massachusetts


37. South Philly Barbacoa

South Philly Barbacoa has gradually become a Mexican dish powerhouse. It is one of the best places to get traditional Mexican food with a modern touch.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


38. Urbano 116

Urbano 116 is a story of chefs bringing the Mexican food culture to the U.S. They combine their experiences and turn it into top-quality dishes for the American community.

Alexandria, Virginia


39. Gran Electrica

A fancy restaurant that is among the best at every category, Gran Electrica delights you with a host of colorful and tasty Mexican cuisine.

Brooklyn, New York


40. Casa Romero

Casa Romero is a strong contender for the best Mexican restaurant in the New England region. The place lacks nothing in its food range, quality, and atmosphere.

Boston, Massachusetts


41. Californios

Californios is a hidden gem that blends the authentic Mexican taste with the modern style of local cooking.

San Francisco, California

+1 415 757 0994

42. El Dorado Cantina

El Dorado Cantina represents the modern Mexican cuisine in a comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant’s food variety and consistency is second to none.

Las Vegas, Nevada

+1 702-722-2289

43. Ofrenda

Ofrenda is a verified bar with honorary awards for its Mexican dishes. The place maintains a casual atmosphere and a complete package of Mexican food and drinks.

New York City, New York

+1 212-924-2305

44. Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

Loco Taqueria has a unique style of cooking and presentation for Mexican cuisine. It may not give a traditional Mexican feel, but the taste is no less than other restaurants.

South Boston, Massachusetts


45. Xochi

You can describe Xochi as a mix of Mexican and Asian styles of cooking. It keeps a unique and consistent taste in its Mexican cuisine, with a top-quality presentation.

Houston, Texas



A lot of restaurants and bars specialize in authentic Mexican cuisine in the U.S to add to 45 of the best in the list. You should give all of them a try to find one that best suits your taste.