The gastronomy of Mexico is distinguished not only by its delicious foods and liquors like tequila. Mexican juices are equally tasty and popular.

The variety of flavors in these beverages is worth trying. Besides being refreshing and perfect for quenching thirst, they are very healthy.

This is due to the ingredients used in their preparation, which include juices from fruits, flowers, leaves, barks, roots, and other natural products.

Do you enjoy consuming these types of substances? You’re in luck. There are numerous options for all tastes, from light to sweet and simple.

Today, you will learn about the best typical non-alcoholic beverages from this North American region. You have probably heard of some of them.



This is one of the traditional Mexican juices you should taste. It is a favorite due to its freshness and incredible flavor.

It is sweet and milky but with a light texture. It contains no dairy and is made from white rice, toasted almonds, vanilla, and brown sugar.

Some people add a bit of cinnamon or other flavorings to give it a special touch. It is ideal to consume during hot weather.

The recipe comes from the Mediterranean and is very easy to make. First, you soak the rice. Then, grind or crush the almonds, and add sugar and cinnamon.

Mix the ingredients well and then pass them through a strainer. This way, you get the fresh water. You’ll want to drink it many times.


This is a pre-Hispanic drink very popular in Mexican gastronomy. It has prevailed through different generations.

It is thick, fresh, and quite nutritious. For this reason, the indigenous people consumed it during their travels to stay hydrated and have enough energy.

This food is made with fermented corn dough, mixed with water, cocoa, and sugar. Its flavor is a bit sour, but it is still appetizing.

As in many parts of the world, some inhabitants of the region have modified the original recipe by adding other ingredients.

Now, there are many varieties of pozol: with cocoa, white, and sour. Preparing it takes little time. It is drunk both cold and hot.


Among the natural Mexican juices is the green one, with an intense and pleasant flavor. If you drink it cold, it refreshes the body and quenches thirst.

It has many nutritious and detoxifying properties since it is made with fruits and green leafy vegetables. Therefore, it is attributed health benefits.

There are different versions of this traditional drink. Some require nopales and aloe vera for its preparation. You can easily find them in markets.

Other ingredients for this recipe are fresh oranges, pineapple, green apple, celery, parsley, dinosaur kale, and cucumber.

Preparing it is not difficult; you just need to use the right portions. Blend the fruits and vegetables and get a fine cocktail with healing powers.


Of pre-Hispanic origin, this Mexican juice is very popular, especially in the state of Oaxaca, where it is widely consumed.

It is made from ground corn, cocoa, and mamey seeds. It is usually served with ice chunks because it is very thick.

At first glance, it might not look appetizing due to its texture, but its flavor is unique and exquisite. For a reason, it is known as the drink of the gods.

It is ideal for hot days as it is refreshing. It is prepared by toasting the corn kernels, cocoa, and mamey seeds. Then they are crushed and blended.

In a large container, add the powder with enough water. Then, beat it until you get a creamy and frothy mixture.


Traditional to the state of Chiapas, it could be said that it is a tortilla water. Why? It is made with that food, along with a mixture of cocoa and achiote.

Likewise, vanilla, ground pine nuts or peanuts, sugar, and cinnamon are added. This gives it sweetness and a distinctive touch. However, tascalate doesn’t always taste the same.

This is because in some places they prepare it differently. Sometimes, they only incorporate chocolate and corn.

Or simply sugar and vanilla, as they usually do in Mexico City. Despite this, it is very tasty and refreshing.

You can prepare it at home by toasting the tortillas on a griddle, then crushing them with your hands. Then blend with the other ingredients, water, and ice.


In many places in Mexico, you can quench your thirst by drinking “aguas frescas.” These are preparations made with water and different types of fruits.

The variety of flavors you get is astonishing. From watermelon, lemon with chia, strawberry, passion fruit, guava, cucumber, barley, and many more.

To make them, you use the fruit pulp, mixed with water, ice, and sugar. This way, you get the characteristic sweet flavor of these juices.

Do you prefer to enjoy the natural sugars of the fruits? Ask not to add extra sweetener. Or prepare them at home to your taste.

As you saw, it’s very easy. You only need a blender to mix the ingredients.

Put the juice in a pitcher and serve as many times as you want. It is very refreshing.


This delicious Mexican juice is the result of fermenting toasted corn dough with water and piloncillo. It is widely consumed in Guadalajara.

It contains a small amount of alcohol but is not considered an alcoholic beverage. However, some people regard it as a type of beer.

Its sweet flavor is characteristic of the artisanal sweetener and hydrolyzed starches.

The recipe for tejuino is quite simple.

First, you must boil water with piloncillo to dissolve it. Then, incorporate the corn dough. When it thickens, add the juice of one lemon.

Let it ferment for 48 hours, and after that time, it is ready. In Mexico, it is often served as a type of slush. You can enjoy it anytime.


It is one of the most popular aguas frescas, made with the dried flower of the hibiscus plant. Therefore, it is part of the list of natural Mexican juices.

Basically, it is a red tea with a tart flavor similar to cranberry juice. This drink is served cold and sweetened with sugar.

It can also be consumed hot as an infusion. Both ways, it is very tasty and healthy. Additionally, it has medicinal attributes.

Hibiscus flower is known for its antihypertensive, diuretic, and antiparasitic properties. How is it prepared? Very easily.

Boil a certain amount of water with the dried flowers over medium-low heat. Cook for approximately 5 minutes. Then strain it and serve as desired.


These drinks are made with the same fruits as aguas frescas. The difference is that licuados are made with milk instead of water.

This blend of flavors is very traditional in Mexico. The reason is that it is rich and very versatile. It is made with any type of edible fruit.

For example, bananas, strawberries, papaya, melon, mango, or combinations of nopal with orange and pineapple. The classic ones are made with a single fruit.

Mexicans consume it mainly for breakfast. Some add nuts, granola, wheat, and even raw eggs to feel better nourished.

Making them is very simple. Put the milk and fruit pieces in the blender to mix them. Blended with ice, they taste similar to smoothies.


This is another traditional Mexican juice of pre-Hispanic origin. The recipe has passed through many generations.

Basically, it is a viscous and sweet drink made from corn with water. It is the same dough used to make typical tortillas.

This is the classic version and is usually drunk hot. Most people have it in the morning with their first meal of the day.

Some make atole with cooked oats, sweetened with sugar or piloncillo. Although the flavor is different, it remains delicious. Want to prepare it?

Blend the corn dough with water and put it on the stove. When it boils, add the sweetener and stir until it dissolves. Serve and enjoy.


This Mexican juice is special because it uses pineapple peels. It also contains such a light amount of alcohol that it won’t cause harm.

It is generally served with ice, very refreshing and thirst-quenching. Therefore, it is ideal for hot days. It also has a bit of cinnamon on top.

The color of this drink is between light yellow and brown. While the flavor is sweet and fermented, extremely delicious.

To achieve this result, the fruit peels are degraded. They are left in water for at least three days to ferment.

It is sweetened with brown sugar or piloncillo. Now that you know the process, do you dare to prepare tepache? You will surely love it.

Mexican juices are an excellent way to keep your body hydrated and healthy. There are many options to choose from.