Longaniza Added To Cacique Brand

Cacique Longaniza Fresca

Cacique’s new Longaniza is a Mexican style pork sausage of high quality made with lean pork shoulder cut and packaged in a natural casing.

It is ideal for grilling. Its made from meat of the highest quality combined with a mixture of herbs and traditional spices that gives this authentic sausage a seamless taste of Mexico.

All of Cacique’s products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Carefully made with a robust traditional spice blend.

Performance Attributes
Once removed from the packaging, will crumble as it is cooked. Drain and use it as a flavor powerhouse in any dish, or as a topping or dressing for an entrée.

Usage Suggestions
Great for enchiladas, in queso fundido, molletes, or refried beans. Its versatility also lends itself to be a substitute for ground beef for your favorite burgers, meatloaf, or traditional melts.

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