BrightFarms Ready for Big Expansion

BrightFarms, a leader in the indoor leafy greens category, is poised for a massive expansion that includes opening three new high-tech greenhouse complexes in Illinois, Georgia, and Texas this year.

With the new facilities, the company is building the largest greenhouse salad supply chain in the U.S., delivering partners a secure supply of fresher, high-quality indoor-grown greens that are the category’s growth driver.

“2024 is going to be a breakout year for BrightFarms,” stated Abby Prior, Chief Commercial Officer of BrightFarms. “Our new greenhouses will provide the capacity we need to fill the increased demand of our retailers and consumers for fresher leafy greens. With more supply to fill the shelf, the growth that has gotten the category to where it is today is only the beginning.”

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Since its inception, BrightFarms has been a leader within the indoor-grown leafy greens category. Currently operating six greenhouses, BrightFarms delivers fresh, tasty, long-lasting greens to consumers across the Midwest and East Coast.

The company is preparing to participate in the SEPC Southern Exposure March 7-9 in Tampa, FL. Located in booth #324, BrightFarms will provide attendees with information on the three high-tech greenhouse farms it plans to open later this year and showcase its four popular Crunch Kit™ salads.

BrightFarms operates hydroponic greenhouse farms in the communities it serves, enabling it to eliminate time, distance, and costs from the food supply chain.

Currently operates six high-tech greenhouse farms in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois. Their fresh lettuce options, from classic greens to crunchy mixes and salad kits, are available in more than 3,700 East and Midwest retail stores.