Whole Foods Reveals Summer Condiment Trends Predictions

Whole Foods Market’s Trends Council revealed its first-ever summer condiment trends predictions along with a list of corresponding products from emerging and established brands.

The Trends Council – a collective of Whole Foods Market buyers and experts with extensive industry knowledge – predicts global barbecue, chili peppers, elevated ketchup and mustard, next-level fermentation, and new takes on ranch will be influencing barbecues and picnics across America this summer, said the company in a press release.

Whole Foods Market’s summer condiment trends predictions come at a time when customers are turning to condiments to elevate their meals more than ever before.

According to Mintel, sales for the condiment, marinade, and dressing category are expected to hit $2.9 billion by 2024, showing growth of more than 5% since 2020.

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“Customers are not afraid to experiment with condiments to level up familiar comfort foods or recreate a favorite restaurant dish. They are also trading out condiment-aisle classics for more elevated versions, and we expect this to continue as we head into summer,” said Rachel Bukowski, senior team leader of R&D for Exclusive Brands at Whole Foods Market. “Going forward, we expect to see the continued innovation in condiments for special diets like vegan, keto-friendly, low sugar and low-sodium options, as well as globally-inspired condiments with distinct cultural stories.”

BBQ Goes Global

Did you know your grill is secretly a teleportation machine? First stop: Japan. Next up: Tel Aviv. Transport your taste buds with a hot new lineup of internationally inspired barbecue sauces, spices, and marinades. These products harness inspiration from worldwide cuisines, level up any cut of meat, and turn your backyard into a high-octane flavor terminal.

Try the Trend: Bachan’s Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce, Gluten-Free Japanese Barbecue Sauce, Hot and Spicy Japanese Barbecue Sauce; 365 by Whole Foods Market Shawarma Marinade; Whole Foods Market Organic Berbere Seasoning; WE LOVE YOU Original Korean Bulgogi BBQ Sauce & Marinade, Medium Spicy Korean Bulgogi BBQ Sauce & Marinade, Sweet & Spicy Korean Gochujang Chili Sauce; Omsom Japanese Yuzu Miso Glaze, Korean Spicy Bulgogi, Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ (coming summer 2022)

Hot Chili Summer

There is a whole squad of zesty chili varieties bursting onto the condiment scene. They’re fiery enough to claim the title of summer’s hottest, and they definitely deserve a place in your pantry. From ancho to árbol and puya to cayenne, these chilis are spicing up sauces, pastes, oils, and even honey. Crank up the heat and add some zest to grilled meats, salads, fruits, and even ice creams.

Try the Trend: Momofuku Chili Crunch; Bitchin’ Sauce Cilantro Chili; Tajín Clásico Seasoning; Sir Kensington’s Chili Lime Crema Everything Sauce; Omsom Thai Krapow (coming summer 2022)

Ketchup and Mustard, Mastered

The most iconic red-and-yellow duo in the condiment game has come a long way from squeezing packets in cafeterias and drive-throughs. New kinds of ketchup and mustards push boundaries with fruit-and-veggie add-ins and cuisine-specific flavor profiles like curry and saffron. They are the easiest way to elevate backyard burgers and dogs to prep them for the culinary red carpet.

Try the Trend: Maille x Mike’s Hot Honey Special Edition Hot Honey Dijon Mustard; Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup, Curry Mustard; Acid League California Ketchup with Saffron and Living ACV, Hot Deli Mustard with ACV; True Made Foods Veggie Ketchup, Bavarian-style Mustard

Fermented and Flourishing

These days, fermented foods are an unstoppable force charging through aisle after aisle with a full head of steam. Condiments are no exception. We’re seeing tangy fermented ingredients adding flair to vinaigrettes, hot sauces, honey, and mayos. With flavor boosts like miso, kimchi, and fermented garlic, these products exponentially expand the flavor possibilities of every summer soirée.

Try the Trend: Lucky Foods Seoul Kimchi Mayo; Cleveland Kitchen Miso Jalapeño Fermented Dressing & Marinade, Garlic Italian Fermented Dressing & Marinade, Veggie Caesar Fermented Dressing & Marinade; California Olive Ranch Carrot Miso Vinaigrette; Firefly Kitchens Firefly Kimchi Hot Sauce, Firefly Cortido Salt, Firefly Kimchi Salt; Ninja Squirrel Coconut Sriracha Hot Sauce

Revved-Up Ranch

Ranch is one of those condiments that inspires cult-like devotion. So, ranch heads, rejoice: Your favorite dressing and dipping sauce has evolved, taking on bold new flavors and expanding with more plant-based options for all. Crank up your summer crudités board, let your carrots take a dip, and bust out the garlic knots, because these refreshing ranches are ready to rev up every meal and snack, with vegan and special-diet picks included — even ones made with oat milk.

Try the Trend: Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch, Ranch Dip; Tessemae’s Organic Habanero Ranch, Organic Pantry Buffalo Ranch; Mill It Plant-Based Classic Ranch Dressing; 365 by Whole Foods Market Vegan Ranch, Spicy Ranch; Acid League Oatmilk Ranch Prebiotic Vinaigrette.