We Do it Simple, B(u)y PortugalFoods!

Portugal is a reliable and high-quality supplier in the Food & Beverage sector. Portuguese companies are creating competitive, innovative, and appealing products for the international market. These products respond to global trends and consumer needs, engaging tradition with knowledge and innovation.

Portuguese companies have the necessary certifications and experience to succeed in international marketplaces. They have the capacity, quality, technology, and range of products to respond to global demand, providing buyers with a one-stop-shop concept with logistic advantages.

PortugalFoods is an association that represents some of the finest Portuguese Food & Beverage brands.

With a mission to boost the Portuguese Agrifood Sector competitiveness, PortugalFoods promotes innovation in the sector and increases companies’ international presence by identifying opportunities and empowering food companies in this area.

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PortugalFoods’ annual export promotion program includes the organization of international trade shows, trade missions, visits of importers/distributors to Portugal, and onsite promotion in international retail chains, amongst other initiatives, some of them digital, as the upcoming event in February, Digital Agrifood Summit Portugal 2022 https://mailchi.mp/portugalfoods/invitation-to-attend-digital-agrifood-summit-portugal-2022

Through PortugalFoods, buyers can contact the best Portuguese Food & Beverage suppliers, assuring excellence in product, quality, innovation, and service.

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