Super Bowl: Astronomical Spending in Food and Drinks

Although the Super Bowl audience is roughly the same as last year and spending has dropped from an average of $82 ($15.5 billion in total), US consumers will still spend large sums of money to see the game this year. According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Super Bowl Spending Survey, the US consumer will spend an average of $75 on February 5 for a total of $14.1 billion.

Super Bowl Shopping Habits

Out of all the people surveyed, 76% of respondents plan to see the game, and of those:

  • 80% will buy food and drinks.
  • 11% will buy team equipment or accessories.
  • 8% will buy new TVs to watch the game.

Where Will Consumers Watch the Super Bowl

  • 45 million people will host a game watching party in their house.
  • 27% of respondents will watch it at a friend’s or family’s house party.
  • 12.4 million people will watch it in their favorite local bar or restaurant.

The Most Important Aspect of the Super Bowl

  • For more than 43% of viewers, the most important thing is the game itself.
  • 24% cite the commercials are the best part.
  • 15% just want to hang out with friends and/or family.
  • 12% say the part-time show is their favorite part of the event.

Commercial Ads in the Super Bowl

  • 78% of viewers watch the ads for entertainment purposes.
  • 18% say the ads make them more aware of the advertiser’s brand.
  • 10% say that those commercials influence their future purchase of products.
  • 16% say advertisers should save their money and pass the savings on to the consumers.
  • 10% say that commercials make the game last too long.

Media research firm Nielsen also released an infographic that shows the interesting habits of how Americans view, eat and drink during the big game day. Look at the American consumer’s favorite choices below.

Nielsen Super Bowl