Savory Snack Sales Soar During Super Bowl Week

“The week leading up to the Super Bowl is the biggest week for the snack industry,” says Christine Cochran, president and CEO of SNAC International. According to Circana statistics, last year’s sales of salty snacks soared to $796 million during the week of Super Bowl 2023.

According to the International Snack Industry Trade Association, which represents more than 400 companies worldwide, Super Bowl week ranks first in terms of total snack sales for the entire year.

This increase reflects the importance of grocery stores being prepared to offer the variety of snacks their customers want to celebrate the year’s biggest sporting event.

The snacking data compared Super Bowl 2023 purchasing statistics to the previous year, revealing a remarkable 29% increase. During Super Bowl week last year, Americans consumed 118 million pounds of salty snacks, enough to fill Allegiant Stadium 16 times over.

“Every brand wants to be the go-to snack for the Super Bowl, just like every fan wants their team to win the Super Bowl,” Cochran noted.

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In particular, the most significant sales spikes during the week leading up to the football final occurred in the corn chip, tortilla chip, pretzel, and potato chip categories.

Many snack companies are taking advantage of this season to launch new products, as is the case of Frito-Lay’s brand, Doritos Dinamita, which is launching four new flavors and a new presentation of sticks that join Doritos Dinamita Chile Limón.

Snack sales figures for Super Bowl 2023 week in dollar value, their percentage increase over 2022, and pounds sold are as follows:

  • Corn chips sold 7 million pounds for $53 million (+37% from 2022).
  • Tortilla chips sold 36 million pounds for $195 million (+20.2% from 2022).
  • Potato chips sold 32 million pounds for $216 million (+17.2% from 2022).
  • Pretzels sold 1.3 million pounds for $45 million (+16.8% from 2022).