Expo ANTAD 2024 Kicks Off, the Largest Trade Show in the Last 15 Years

With great optimism and high expectations, the new executive president of the National Association of Self-Service Stores, ANTAD, Diego Cosío Barto, welcomed the 41st edition of Expo ANTAD, which opens today in Guadalajara.

At a press conference on Monday, Cosío Barto, along with other senior members of ANTAD, the Visitors and Convention Bureau, and Expo Guadalajara, unveiled details of the trade show being held March 12-14 at Mexico’s Expo Guadalajara convention center.

Organizers expect more than 47,000 attendees at the event, which will feature more than 1,200 exhibit booths in 592,000 square feet of space on the business floor, said Cosío Barto, who assumed ANTAD’s executive presidency in November 2023.

Diego Cosío Barto, executive president of ANTAD.
Diego Cosío Barto, executive president of ANTAD.

“This is the most important Expo ANTAD in the last 15 years. Expo ANTAD is in fashion, Guadalajara is in fashion, so congratulations. I think it is a great achievement that there is this enthusiasm to participate in Expo ANTAD,” said Cosío Barto.

The trade fair will be attended by 67 countries from Latin America, Europe, and Asia, offering a wide range of products and services.

The attendance of national companies from 32 Mexican states also continues to grow, of which 13 will have their pavilions on the business floor, where micro, small, and medium-sized companies seek to promote their products and services and attract new business partners.

In the context of innovation, Expo ANTAD 2024 will have specialized Vegan and Bakery Flavors food pavilions where attendees can learn about, experience, and try different product options. The Top Technology Solutions pavilion will have 102 companies sharing solutions in technology, furniture, and equipment so that retail chains can operate more efficiently.

Cosío Barto estimates that more than 15,000 business meetings will be held at this trade fair, 15% more than the total number held at the 2023 expo.

Another important aspect is the educational focus of Expo ANTAD’s Retail Talks sessions, which will feature 38 specialized conferences with experts on global trade trends, digital transformation and evolution, and customer treatment in the retail industry.

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ANTAD’s new executive president highlighted that the 2024 trade show is the largest held in the last 15 years and is the largest in Latin America. He is also confident that soon it will surpass the National Retail Federation expo in the United States.

Cosío Barto told Abasto that the biggest challenge for ANTAD, and for Mexico as an economy, is the digital evolution.

“Practically, most chains are already integrating into the digital ecosystem, transforming their business model. We are excited about this digital evolution and want to accompany all our associates in this process,” said Cosío Barto.