Abasto: 50 Editions Uniting Hispanic Entrepreneurs

What began as an innovative idea to bring Hispanic food and beverage retailers closer, became a great tool for companies looking to unveil their brands and make their way through the United States as the best Spanish-language trade magazine in the country. Today, Abasto Magazine reaches its 50th edition, an occasion to celebrate to the hand of all brands and companies that have relied on this publication to carry their message across the country and promote their sales, as well as readers who rely on the clear and accurate information that helps them make decisions. For companies that have relied on Abasto to carry their message across an extensive distribution network, it has also been a success story.

Sysco, the most important company in the United States in the catering market for restaurants and coffee shops, relied on Abasto to boost the nationwide launch of its Sysco Pica y Salpica brand, focused on the Hispanic market. “We recently launched the new Sysco Pica y Salpica brand, which offers a variety of authentic ingredients and brands along with culturally relevant tools and services for the Hispanic segment of the food industry. We partner with important media companies like Abasto Magazine to help us assist the Hispanic food service operators, so we could have a bigger impact with the launch of the brand”, said Diego Rondón, Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing at Sysco.

Similarly, La Moderna, one of the leading brands in the pasta and flour sector, believes that its presence in Abasto has been instrumental in bringing its message to businesses throughout the country.

“I think Abasto is the ideal platform for any company, and especially for Mexican companies, who can create the link with customers and consumers of the Hispanic market in the United States,” said Esteban Abascal, export manager at La Moderna. The businessman explained that Grupo La Moderna has benefited from the magazine to remind customers and consumers of the presence and proximity of the brand in the United States and above all, to materialize potential customers.

“Without a doubt Abasto is the ideal network for Hispanics in the USA,” Abascal concluded. But having a presence in the pages of Abasto is effective not only for companies but for advertising agencies as well. Their participation in this publication is relevant. “I love working with the Abasto Media team, they are incredibly easy to work with, constantly going above and beyond to provide tremendous value to their customers.

We value our relationship with Abasto as they continue to exceed our expectations”, said Kiersten Pedersen, Account Executive and Media Planner for NOVA Marketing. For her part, Tracy Nappier Founder and President at Adcomm Group, assured that Abasto is continuously going beyond its customers thanks to the friendly and helpful spirit of their team, and that makes it the right purchase. “They are in it to help advertisers in the long run”, said Nappier. “The participation of decision-makers in the Hispanic community is an important element for our clients and we are delighted to partner with Abasto to reach this influential group”.

These are just a few of the testimonials from companies that have trusted Abasto Magazine, which will continue to bring its readers reliable information to help them learn about the new market trends, new brands, and helping them to be more easily informed to make the best decisions.

Editorial Recognition

From the editorial point of view, Abasto is part of the most important US media associations such as ASME, Kantar Media and is verified by the CVC. The magazine has achieved the most important recognitions of print media in Spanish. It has been honored several times by the National Association of Hispanic Publications as the Best Magazine in the Country. In the same way, it has won in several journalistic categories such as Best Opinion Column, Best Business Article, among others. Also in the Creative Department, under the direction of Daniel Dau, has received a great number of recognitions by the design of the publication. “I think that by looking at 2017, Abasto Magazine in its printed and digital format will continue to support the food and beverage industry market from different angles”, said Gustavo Calabro, director of Abasto Magazine.

He added that during 2017 it will continue to penetrate and strengthen the ties in the various events of the food and beverage industry, taking “the message of our advertisers to all these Trade-shows”. “To date, Abasto has established a relationship in more than 15 events throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America. We estimate that by 2017 we can continue to create these ties with the rest of South America and Europe, “he said.

On the other hand, he explained that Abasto will continue with its strategy of establishing the necessary mechanisms for the creation of software for virtual businesses in 3D within the food and beverage industry with a focus particularly oriented to the Hispanic trader.

He indicated that this project will benefit the manufacturers because it can, at an effective and efficient cost, test new products before launching them, and retailers will be able to do price research, store marketing tests, and develop shelf strategies. “These and many other projects are what we have in store for 2017. We are convinced that Abasto Magazine will continue to grow and maintain as a determining objective, to provide our readers and advertisers the highest quality with the latest news from the food and beverage market”, concluded.