Gabriela Sifuentes is an Example of Perseverance

Gabriela Sifuentes is the store director of one of the 57 Cardenas Markets stores, the California-based Heritage Grocers Group, one of the leading Hispanic food retailers.

She has always worked in the food sector, although she always wanted to be a businesswoman as a child.

Gabriela studied business administration and management in Sinaloa, Mexico, and has lived in California for years.

She started as a courtesy clerk and then moved up to bakery clerk. She then worked in the health and beauty aisles, known in supermarket parlance as HABA.

The years brought other opportunities, such as being a cashier, and eventually came more responsibilities.

“I remember I always wanted to be a store manager,” Sifuentes said in an interview with Abasto.

Up to date, she has been working at the grocery chain for a little more than 12 years.

Source of Inspiration

Some people leave their mark on your life, which is precisely what happened to Gabriela Sifuentes.

Years ago, she met a woman named Anita, who owned a big Mexican/American restaurant.

She told her story about how she worked to become an owner and the importance of fighting and persistence to achieve her work goals.

From there, Gabriela said the best advice she has received in her life is to “Never give up and be persistent.”

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Managing a Cardenas Markets Store

Gabriela shared that from day one, she has loved her job.

“I have enjoyed learning how to make carnitas and chicharron. I love to visit the meat department and see the different kinds of meat we offer, the wide variety of fresh produce. I especially enjoy the aroma of freshly baked bread from our bakery,” Gabriela Sifuentes said.

She has maintained the same passion for her work since she started and takes her job very seriously.

Her day involves different activities, such as overseeing store operations to ensure it operates smoothly.

“My daily duties include motivating my employees to ensure excellent customer service. I work closely with my department to optimize store sales by ensuring great merchandising and high product quality,” Sifuentes said.

Her days usually involve walking through the different aisles and departments to connect with her team members and customers.

She adds that the best part of her day is seeing his people in action.

“When I see how strong and passionate my team is to take care of their customers and ultimately drive sales!” she said.