In Need of a Food Distributor? Meet 15 at North Carolina

If you need a food distributor, this type of company plays a fundamental role in the lives of all North Carolinians.

Thanks to them, restaurants, schools, stores, and organizations can supply the population’s food needs.

These distribution services provide an essential link between producers and consumers. Fortunately, North Carolina has some excellent distributors. Read about 14 of them, all with affordable, varied, and high-quality products. As a plus, this list includes one in Virginia.


After being missionaries and learning Spanish in Poza Rica, Mexico, Dan, Nat, and Phil returned to the United States and founded several businesses, including La Tortilleria or Purple Crow.

Since 2000, La Tortilleria has become possibly the largest food distributor in North Carolina.

In addition to fresh tortillas, it satisfies customers’ needs by supplying them with groceries and additional Hispanic products.

But that’s not all. La Tortilleria purchased Carolina Foods LLC in 2020 and has since extended its distribution services to restaurants.


Since 1907, Jennette Brothers Foodservice Distributors has been serving the needs of independent restaurants.

It offers quality products and high-level services that are safe and reliable. It works with custom-cut meats, fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to its long history and extensive knowledge, businesses have the opportunity to increase their profitability.

It is a family business, still run by members of the third generation. Therefore, it enjoys a quiet and cozy atmosphere.


Strickland’s Portion Pak is a distributor offering products under its brand, Restaurant’s Pride®.

It is also a leader in the distribution of competitively priced dairy products.

Of course, it also distributes meat and seafood products. It even has various groceries such as oils, snacks, and infant nutrition items.

Its services are aimed at daycare centers, restaurants, churches, schools, and any organization that serves or sells food.

All of their customers enjoy quality, consistency, and value when ordering some of their services.


Patco Foods, Inc. is another food distributor in North Carolina.

It distributes beverages, sausages, cheeses, and dairy products, each carefully selected.

It also manufactures exquisite baked goods for kitchens, hotels, or supermarkets.

The taste and freshness offered by Patco Foods, Inc. are unsurpassed. Since 1975, it has built strong relationships to satisfy its customers.


With a history of 80 years, Adams Wholesale Company is consolidated as one of the most important distributors in the country.

It has everything a suitable business needs, from groceries to beauty, cleaning, and health aids.

The company supplies restaurants, independent organizations, and convenience stores. It works with a specialist team to meet the needs of its customers.

And, to make the experience more complete, the order is delivered directly to the door quickly and securely.

Its 67,000-square-foot distribution center is in Rocky Mount. It houses more than 3,000 items from 250 different suppliers.


If there’s one thing RRS Foodservice is known for, it’s 90,000 square feet of warehouse space and its fleet of 28 trucks.

It was founded in 1939 by Leroy and Eugenia Culpepper. Although 84 years have passed since its inception, it is still Virginia’s leading independent food distributor.

It is one food distributor of white goods, offering fresh, frozen, grocery, refrigerated, paper, and cleaning products.

It works with excellent national brands whose prices are affordable and very competitive; its goal is to contribute to the growth of its customers.

That’s just some; their priority is customer service, so they have included delivery services. Thus, the buyer only places the order, and they take care of the rest.


Merchants Foodservice ranks 12th on the list of the largest distributors in the United States.

Approximately 6,000 customers rely on its services. It stocks more than 12,000 food and supplies for restaurants, schools, hospitals, and institutions.

Thanks to Merchants Foodservice, every kitchen in the country can function correctly. This distributor gives its all to its customers.

Not only does it supply meat and poultry, but it also has supplies such as paper plates, mops, and pan liners.


Atlantis Food Service has been the most popular seafood distributor in North Carolina for more than 24 years. Although initially founded as a seafood distribution center, it has evolved.

Since 2007, it has offered produce, dry goods and disposables. It stocks 3,500 products that supply more than 500 accounts.

This is a family-owned and operated company, and everyone involved is committed to the desires of their buyers.

They even joined the Bellissimo buying group, supplying the best ingredients to Italian or Mediterranean restaurants.


Every dish requires perfect ingredients. That’s why Orrell Food Service has been providing quality products since 1979.

Recently, Orrell Food Service was acquired by Ben E. Keith Foods to expand its services to more states.

Orrell Food Service specializes in distributing frozen and processed meats, canned goods, paper supplies, and a wide variety of fresh produce.

Ben E. Keith Foods influenced it and has become a significant distributor of domestic and international beers.

When you contact them, fine wine and quality spirits will never be lacking.


For 85 years, Williams Foods has been serving fine meats and quality groceries to eastern North Carolina.

The company began operations in 1928 and was so popular that even the onset of World War II did not hinder its growth.

By the time the war ended and prosperity returned to the country, Williams Foods had expanded to become another big food distributor.

Today, it is dedicated to supporting smaller businesses with good products. It provides equipment and real estate for commercial restaurants.


Acosta Foods, LLC is the nation’s leading food service sales and marketing agency.

It is known for providing its clients outstanding results according to their needs.

Not only is it experienced, but it also has a strategic vision to provide its clients with proper coverage.

It specializes in distributing high-quality spices, pork products, and seasonings. It is in Asheboro.


When it comes to gourmet foods, there’s no better place to find them than at Blue Mountain Distributors. It offers a fantastic variety of unique items ranging from fresh produce to frozen and non-perishable items.

This company works with over 100 manufacturers and manages a portfolio of approximately 1,000 products.

It has three warehouses and five trucks ready to serve the citizens of North Carolina. It makes weekly or bi-weekly deliveries in its service area.


Since 1875, Atlantic Dominion Distributors has specialized in the distribution of refreshments.

Initially, it was created as a cigarette factory and distributor, but it added other product categories over the years.

Today, it handles over 10,000 items, from handmade cigars to beverages and candy. They supply stores and businesses with beverages, automotive, and beauty items.


Mr. Williams is the best ally to increase any business opportunities in North Carolina.
It not only distributes food but also develops advanced technology. Thus, businesses have the opportunity to opt for their marketing application.

Its services are tailored to each company’s particular needs and objectives.

It even offers innovative coffee solutions that boost beverage profitability and increase profits.


Bonney African Impoex, Inc. is the state’s leading West African Foods distributor.

It carries a wide variety of products imported directly from West Africa.

That’s not all; it carries cosmetic items and food preparation supplies.

Each of its products is carefully monitored to ensure consumer safety.

And, if customer satisfaction is not achieved, they have a money-back guarantee on any product.

Without a doubt, the work of food distributors is vital to our livelihood and business success.