Bob Graybill, from Meat Cutter to CEO of FMS Solutions

Bob Graybill is celebrating 20 years of work at FMS Solutions, a company that provides accounting services and a technology platform designed specifically for independent grocery stores. Eleven years ago, Graybill took over the leadership of the company after being named president and CEO.

As a young man working in an independent supermarket as a meat cutter, Graybill never imagined that one day he would become the president of an influential company.

FMS Solutions launched its first online application under Graybill’s leadership and has since tripled its delivery of accounting solutions to retailers. Today, the company serves stores in 46 states, three Canadian provinces, and the Caribbean.

“From a personal perspective, it is fantastic to be the CEO of a company like FMS Solutions. I am very proud because we started as a local company and have evolved into a multi-national business in a relatively short period of time. The experience of doing that, and the opportunities it has presented along the way, have been amazing,” said the executive.

Graybill, who has over 25 years of experience in the retail grocery industry, started at FMS Solutions as a Client Manager in 2000. Then, he was promoted to Director of Accounting and Vice President of Services before being appointed President and CEO by retiring President, John Schock.

He has authored multiple industry benchmark studies, including the FMS Solutions/NGA Independent Grocers Financial Survey for the past 15 years.

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Graybill has also served as a speaker at the NGA Financial Symposium, NGA’s annual conferences, FMI’s International Food Show, FMI Audit and Loss Prevention Program, FMI Future Connect, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers and various state association food shows.

Additionally, he has taught at the IGA Coca-Cola Institutes Supermarket Management Program, which serves both national and international retailers. He has also been presented at MIDA in Puerto Rico.

“I started my career in a grocery store as a meat cutter and never thought I would end up leading a company that does something that really makes a difference in retailers’ lives. The fact that we play a part in bringing tailored solutions to help independent grocers succeed is a great motivation for me and the business. It is exciting to see how FMS Solutions has been trailblazing the way for 46 years,” said Graybill.

FMS Solutions offers users a premier suite of integrated software solutions that provide a 360-degree view of how each retailer’s store is performing in all of its accounting processes. The technology is not only very adept at keeping pace with external developments but was designed with unique features that stand the test of time and remain user-friendly through any number of iterations.

Graybill looks forward to leading future initiatives for FMS Solutions including:

  • Launching new applications, program enhancements and modifications to existing software.
  • Revamping the aesthetics of Vision, the client portal.
  • Increasing non-organic growth strategies, SAS business relationships, and third-party strategic alliances.
  • A possible expansion to Australia and South America in the upcoming decade.

“As I look at our clients, I recall retailers with two stores that now have seven and a 20-store operator that now has 32 stores. In addition to visible growth, watching an independent retailer with a single store fend off big-box competition and be successful is sometimes most rewarding, especially when that store has been around for generations within a family,” Graybill said.