When You Think of Wellness, Think of Jaloma Products

Jaloma is a Mexican company that has been in the market for 80 years, developing items focused on the well-being of families. With a portfolio consisting of more than 160 products, they are leaders in the manufacturing and commercialization of healing, personal care, and baby products.

Their star products, which today are marketed in the USA, are cosmetic oils, body gels, elastic bandages, and the lavender line for babies.

Jaloma is headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico, where it has also operated its production plant for eight decades. Thanks to the vision of the company’s founder, Javier López Macías, who began developing his products with the manufacture of gauze, cosmetic oils, lip ointment, among others, Jaloma’s growth has been continuous.

One of Jaloma’s main success factors is its proximity to customers and consumers and the availability of its products in different marketing channels and points of sale. The company, which started with two people, now has a team of 600.

Carlos Labastida, Jaloma’s Export and New Business Director.

Jaloma’s Export and New Business Director, Carlos Labastida, grandson of the company’s founder, has been dedicated to positioning the company’s leadership internationally.

Labastida stated that for 20 years, Jaloma has maintained a presence in the United States and has big plans for growth this year. “We have accelerated the internationalization of Jaloma’s products in the U.S. and Central American market,” Labastida explained.

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“We will continue with the strategy of expanding the brand in the national territory and in the U.S. and Central American markets. In addition, we will introduce the brand in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, among others. We seek to enter countries that, by their nature, have a market similar to the Mexican market. Thus, the product will be easily accepted, creating a positive positioning of the brand,” added Jaloma’s Export and New Business Director.

As part of its plan to grow and market its products in the U.S., Jaloma is implementing a campaign to reinforce brand awareness to help promote its new products in the market. By which they are responding to a buyer who today is more informed and has access to many other brands, both local and foreign.

Due to the pandemic, Jaloma has seen an increase in demand for its products. The personal care line (cosmetic oils) has been growing due to distribution and consumption.

In U.S. Hispanic stores, Jaloma is a traditional brand recognized by Mexicans living in the United States. Its 80 years of existence support the high quality of its products, earning the trust of consumers. Click here to learn more about the company.