Manzela USA Introduces Cruji Papas and Chicharrón Artesanal

Manzela USA, widely recognized for its Japanese peanut snacks, continues to innovate its product portfolio to satisfy consumers eager for new experiences. To this end, the company announced the launch of three new flavors of its Cruji Papas and Chicharrón Artesanal snacks in the U.S. 

The platform for their grand debut will be at the Sweets & Snacks show, the largest candy and snacks trade show in the United States, which takes place May 14-16 in Indianapolis. Manzela USA will present its new products alongside the traditional assorted snacks and Japanese peanut snacks that have made the company famous.

In an interview with Abasto, Esteban Cuellar, national sales director for Manzela USA, offered details of the new snacks and plans to get the products on store shelves nationwide.

“Our customers already recognize the quality of the brand with their peanuts. Consumers have known us for almost 40 years in Mexico and the United States, and we are one of the leading brands in Japanese peanuts. We want to do the same now with these new products,” said Cuellar.

Manzela USA’s Chicharrón Artesanal

Stores have been selling this well-known snack in central and southern Mexico for quite some time, and it is trendy among consumers. Because of its great demand, Manzela USA decided to start marketing it in the United States so that consumers in this country can enjoy this unique snack.

Manzela USA’s Chicharrón Artesanal, although it looks and tastes like pork, is made with flour. In addition, as its name suggests, it is prepared in an artisanal way.

“In the U.S. market, I have not seen a chicharrón like this one because of its elaboration process, from the dough cutting to cooking, all 100 percent handmade. When the customer begins to taste it, he will be able to distinguish that difference”, Cuellar pointed out. 

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Cruji Papas Introduces Three New Flavors

Manzela USA is also introducing its new Cruji Papas snacks with three different flavors to satisfy all consumers in the market. 

Manzela USA - Cruji-Papas

Cruji Papas Saladas is a lightly salted snack for those who enjoy chips but don’t eat spicy snacks. 

Cruji Papas with Jalapeño offer a slight spiciness for those who like chili peppers.

Cruji Papas Endiabladas is for those who enjoy the sensation of fire in their snacks.

In addition to the delicious flavor offered by each of the varieties of Cruji Papas, their quality ensures that they will always be crunchy, living up to their name.

 Manzela USA began distributing Cruji Papas and Chicharrón Artesanal in supermarkets and convenience stores to familiarize customers with the new snacks. “We will be doing many demos because people have to try the product, to get to know it, so they understand what differentiates us from other brands,” concluded Cuellar.